The Needy Mule : The Website of John Tucker

Unlike other comic sites that may sound similar the Needy Mule isn’t all about click baity nonsense to promote the big publishers.

Nor do I intend to go all spoilery with Infinity War.

One of the Mule’s intentions with this little comic blog was to give a platform to independent comic artists and writers. You know the guys whose tables you walk right past at comic cons.

However you walk past, you miss out. Because this Mule knows that good quality comic art is not exclusive to the mainstream.

This preamble brings us nicely to John Tucker.

Here’s a few things you need to know about John. He’s an independent illustrator and publisher from Cardiff.

For my international followers who needs assistance with Geography, Cardiff is in Wales…No? Okay, it’s where Doctor Who is filmed…Better?

He has a Website

And I must say it’s a rather wonderful website.

On there you will find a number of illustrated short stories that are also available to purchase in print edition.

The stories are predominantly dark comedy with a beautiful touch of the macabre.

His latest offering is Bald

A humorous short about the baldest man alive. For the record this is not a story about my Dad but still hugely enjoyable.

However it’s his foray into the fictional town of Heron in the two stories Night Watch and The Taxi that I found to be the most entertaining.

To me this really does have a League Of Gentleman/Black Mirror vibe about it.

The pacing is brilliant and the devilishly dark pay off at the end a delight.

The pastel colours in Night Watch is so lush it’s as if Raymond Briggs got wired on Jägerbombs and chose to do a tale of a lighthouse keeper.

They also reminded me of the BBC animated series Monkey Dust and I can imagine the strange townfolk of Heron in all their animated glory.

Certainly I hope John tells more stories set in Heron.

I’m also interested to see how The Floating Hand pans out.

The story is set in New Mexico in 1925 and appeals to my love of B Movies as a father and daughter take on a new kind of cattle rustler.

Overall, there’s a lot of fun to be had over at John’s website so go pay it a visit. It’ll even help you win a Scarecrow contest….Not many other sites can offer you that insight.

And if you see John at the various comic cons selling his wares go say Hi…Tell him the Mule sent you.

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