The Needy Mule: Mule Pick : 2nd May 2018

It’s that time of the week again and the Mule is surprisingly still here to give it’s Picks of the Week.

Pick Of The Week

Death Or Glory #1 : Image Comics

Image and Marvel often seem engaged in a war for who can release the most first issues in a calendar year.

Not all of Image’s new titles are a hit but every now and then a few gems crop up. Recently it was the excellent Gideon Falls and now we have Rick Remender’s latest offering.

An interesting story following Glory who lives off the grid. When her father becomes ill she’ll have to take to the road and face assassins, ex-lovers and technology in her search for medical treatment.

This great story is backed up by fantastic art by Bengal.

Cover of the Week

DC Nation #0 Clay Mann Batman Incentive Cover

Maybe difficult to pick up for a reasonable price but it is an absolute beauty.

For a more reasonably priced Cover Of The Week then check out Batman #46 Cover B by Kaare Andrews

Indie Pick Of The Week

Alien Toilet Monsters #1 : Omnimorphic

When I’m not being the comic Mule I write (kind of). So for someone who created The Overlord Unicorned Squirrels From Mars this seems right up my street.

Fun Sci-Fi Horror….What’s not to love. Check out the Preview Here

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