The Randomness Of Selina : Year 2, Day 1 : Happy Websiteaversary

OfSelina is 1 year old!

Looking back I think it’s fair to say that my website started well, went a bit downhill , perked up a little and then has been on a steady decline since.

According to the stats this is my 66th post. I don’t think I have achieved anything I set out to do but that said I don’t think I had a plan in the first place.

Lesson One guys – Always have a plan or at least a vague idea as to what you are doing.

I had a pre-plan. The plan for the plan. Yet there was one thing I had not factored in – Life! That and the fact my pre-plan sucked.

To be fair my earliest post did suggest this website would be a digital version of my mind. I believe I have recreated my chaotic thought process beautifully!

Sure the unfinished stories are frustrating but didn’t someone once say ‘Chaos makes the muse’?

Incidentally, I’d make a great muse for someone. Just hanging out waiting for them to clap their hands and summons me to do their bidding….Wait….That’s actually being in a harem.

Anyway moving on….


As a lot of you will I know I like comic books and I created my own superhero……The Tropeador

The premise is that he will encapsulate every Super Hero Trope.

Basically Styles is a mild mannered guy who fancies his stunningly beautiful neighbour . However he’s a bit of a nerd and she’s all into athletic types.

She likes him but never really pictured his sweaty buttocks thrusting up and down between her.

Oh did I mention he is an orphan. His parents died in a tragic accident. I’m working on what type of accident but probably will involve a wardrobe, some baby oil and an inconveniently placed ornament of a peacock.

Although his parents were also mild mannered there will be subtle clues that their lives may have been a little more mysterious. Perhaps their death was not an accidental flat pack furniture based incident but intentional!

There will be once scene where Styles is sitting in his Father’s office and he notices a book. It looks a little out of place. Has it always been there? He walks over and touches it and suddenly a secret door opens.

Why did his Father have a secret room? Was he a spy? A vigilante? Or, as it’ll turn out, was this simply a quiet place for him to go to knock one out to five minute vids on PornHub without being disturbed by his wife?

So how will Styles get his super powers? It’s a work in progress but present thinking is he will drink something.

You know at Christmas you feel compelled to buy an alcoholic drink you have no desire to consume but you feel it’s necessary to have because it’s Christmas? You then find that beverage 9 months later when you’ve run out of beer and thus begins the contemplation of whether it’s sensible to drink it.

That’s how Styles gets his powers – by drinking an out of date Christmas drink.

As I say it’s a work in progress.

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