Fates Avow: The Arbiter

The (abandoned) Summer writing 2018 Project.

The Fates Avow : The Arbiter : Prologue

Fates Avow: The Arbiter : Part One

Fates Avow: The Arbiter: Part Two

Fates Avow: The Arbiter : Part Three

Fates Avow: The Arbiter: Part Four

The greatest story ever told is the story of us; how we came to be and who we are.

But what if everything we know was simply just that….a story…. a totally made up story? That everything we do was not by choice but at the behest of some grand mysterious storyteller.

That Earth and everyone upon it was nothing more than playthings to tell the most elaborate of tales.

What then if someone tried to tell that same story differently?


Connie is having a bad day….a really bad day. To top off her really bad day she’ll end up getting killed.

That was her story. That was how it was meant to end.

Yet what if she didn’t die? A mysterious intervention from someone known as The Arbiter changes Connie’s story and in doing so a new tale will be told.

A tale that could mean the end of the story for all of us.

Content Warnings

– Some infrequent moderate bad language

– Some infrequent moderate sexual references

– Violence and threat

Not recommended for anyone under 16

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