True, often explicit tales of my life.

5 responses to “Confessions”

  1. My, my. Haven’t enjoyed something so much for ages. Selina (and Lina) kept this insomniac company (very companionably) throughout the wee hours last night. Incidentally, I’m the one with the shared inability to read tweets accurately. As it happens, I’m also engaged in autobiographical musings – in my case principally for progeny when I’m no longer around to respond to the whats, whys and wherefores of shared experience. 80,000 words in with another forty or so to go, I have thus far skirted what I will now think of as my inner Lina. However, reading ‘Confessions’ may just possibly prompt me to rethink this. Fascinating . . .

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      • Dear Selina

        Not sure if this email will get to you but in case it does . . . I’d just like to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading all you have published on your site. While being mightily intrigued at the thought of ‘singing in the rain’ taking on a whole new level of meaning, I have to say it’s your Confessions that have really grabbed me; both Selina and Lina come so vividly to life. I really hope you will be inspired to fill in some of the gaps or even re-visit some of the existing episodes and present them from a different angle. You are guaranteed at least one reader! But enough chatter . . .

        Every best wish

        Stephen Wikner


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