The Needy Mule : Mule Pick : 9th May 2018

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means……New Comic Book Day!!!….. Unless you live in the UK then due to a rather pleasant Bank Holiday we get all our comics tomorrow.

I’ve never really understood why that it is but they appear to be the rules. Sometimes it can be beneficial, if there has been a particular ‘sleeper’ comic it does allow us Brits to be on alert for it. However, having to wait an extra day more often than not sucks.

So in to the Mule Picks

Pick Of The Week

Scooby Apocalypse #25

The Death of Fred? People don’t tend to stay dead for long in Comic Book land so I wouldn’t be surprised if the death of this beloved character doesn’t last.

However the Scooby Apocalypse series has been a fun read.

Also want to give an honourable mention to Batman : White Knight #8.

The conclusion to a wonderful ‘alternate reality’ Batman series from Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth.

Great variant cover to conclude the series.

Cover of The Week

Detective Comics #980 Variant by Rafael Albuquerque

Been loving Albuquerque’s Variants for Detective Comics and this is one of my favourites.

Indie Pick Of Week

Okay I checked my Pull List (or should that be Mule List and to my surprise couldn’t see any Indie/ Small Press comics on there this week.

So let me give a mention to a comic I picked up last week.

Daygloayhole #1

I love crazy post-apocalyptic stories and Ben Passmore has produced one by the bucket load.

Great fun. This may be difficult to track down but if you see it definitely pick it up.

Issue #2 will be out on 25th July.

That’s it for now Mule fans. Until next week

The Needy Mule : A Mule Pick: April 25 2018

It’s New Comic Book Day and the first Mule Pick post.

Each week the mule will pick its favourite release of the week along with the best cover…..Look I know loads of people do it but the Mule ain’t people!

Pick of the Week


The fantastic sixteen part epic No Surrender reaches it’s conclusion.

This series has been an awesome read and harks back to the great Marvel stories of old.

There is also a rather beautiful variant cover by Inhyuk Lee which is worth grabbing

Cover Of The Week

Rick & Morty #37 – Cover B Vasquez Variant

The mule loves homage covers and also its well known that they are big Rick & Morty fans.

This cover is a wonderful take on X-Men #141.

It seems each week someone is doing a homage cover and whilst I am not complaining I wonder if we will soon see a homage of a homage.

There is also an exclusive variant to this issue which is a homage to the classic cover of X-Men #100, which is certainly worth hunting down.

Indie Pick

Devil In Disguise #2 (Garvey/Ahmad) on Comixology

If you like digital comics then this indie gem enjoys its digital release on Comixology.

A fantastic Superhero/horror story with great art.

You can read the first two issues HERE

Issue 2 is also a homage cover as well! (I’ve said homage way too much in this post)

That’s it for the week. Until next week (or whenever we next do this as the Mule can be quite unreliable)

And remember – Listen to the Mule!