Please Don’t F*ck The Soap : A Poem

Run through a field

Swing from a tyre

tied to a rope

Just remember

Don’t fuck the soap

Find that special someone

Kiss them.


But whatever you do

Don’t fuck the soap

It’s your life to live

Your dream

Your hope

It’s just important that you

Don’t fuck the soap

Take your opportunity

Grab at it

Don’t grope

But I can’t stress this enough

Don’t fuck the soap

Be sure to love

Experience every romantic trope

All I ask is that you please

Don’t fuck the soap

The Sonnet Of Submission

Oh Goddess of mine that commands me so

Knelt bare, bound and ready I am for you

The ripples of desires from the rivers does flow

I welcome your touch – a feeling that’s true

My cries do come but not one of complaint

These ties that do bind are the only restraint

An understanding silence broke by a moan

That grows into a pleasurable melody

My body; the instrument that you orchestrate

That signature tune played so pleasantly

The sweet song of lust of which I participate

And, as this tune reaches the crescendo

One final note played to control the river flow