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  • Super Sentient Sex Dolls From Saturn: Part Seven

    Super Sentient Sex Dolls From Saturn: Part Seven

    In Part Six we were introduced to the other four Sentient Sex Dolls, the ease of which they dispatched some friendly Bikers does indeed indicate they are also Super. We also learnt more about Gina, the Sentient Sex Doll who has ended up in the possession of Spencer. You have to feel sorry for Spencer […]

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  • See Me Now?

    See Me Now?

    Sophie woke up late, although as this was the normal time she had woken up for months one could make the argument that Sophie woke up at the usual time. For that extra thirty minutes of sleep she was required to sacrifice a more relaxed morning routine. She would still do all the things that […]

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  • Thrusting : Band Together

    Thrusting : Band Together

    I took the first few steps as Labia Lefeure. Admittedly I would have preferred it to be at some gala event yet my new life was to begin walking along a dark foreboding corridor. There was no gliding across a beautiful red carpet to the sound of applause rather it was to be a tentative […]

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  • Thrusting : Laa-Bye-Ahh

    Thrusting : Laa-Bye-Ahh

    Four hours after agreeing to the bizarre proposal from a mysterious well groomed stranger I was standing in the middle of a field somewhere on the Kent/Sussex border. I would have loved to have enjoyed the crisp, clean morning air that usually I am starved of in the smog ridden city. The feel of the […]

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