Dear Mummy…Somewhere

A card that I write

To show that I care

Simply addressed

Dear Mummy….Somewhere

No kisses. No hugs

No ‘There. There’

The things I do miss

Dear Mummy….Somewhere

Now that I have grown

I want to compare

Would you do it like this?

Dear Mummy….Somewhere

The path I must take

You’re unable to share

Alone I must go

Dear Mummy….Somewhere

Never a reunion

My unanswered prayer

Just a single photo

Dear Mummy….Somewhere

A card that I write

To show that I care

Forever in my heart

Dear Mummy….You’re There

One response to “Dear Mummy…Somewhere”

  1. This is honestly one of the most beautiful things Ive ever read. It hits hard for anyone who’s lost someone close to them. I wish you’d write more poetry, you’ll make the world cry!…..in a good way 👍

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