The Descent Of Selina 

“Hello, is there anybody in there?”

I let out a muffled giggle at the desperate pleas from whoever it was that wanted to use the toilet for its actual intended use.

Inside was myself and some guy, my lips round his hard cock. His arousal clearly  increased by the various partygoers that went to and fro out of the toilet.

He put his fingers up to his lips before throwing his head back as I purposely sucked him harder, trying to make him moan loud so he could be heard by those outside.

I didn’t know, or more to the point didn’t care what his name was. We had met only a short time beforehand at the bar. One drink later and we were in the cubicle with my mouth round his penis.

That’s how it was now. That’s how it had been since the revelation of the sex tape being posted online.

I had grown to like the numbness that had washed over me. At first I had been frightened by it but whenever I tried to fight it my brain would give me a preview of what shameful pain I would have to endure if I wasn’t numb.

I therefore embraced it but it came at a price. I simply did not care. I had lost interest in everything, whether it be my friends, family, work.  I just went through the motions and even struggled with that. When people were talking to me their words would be lost in the fog of my mind. All I did was react to the expressions or during awkward pauses just smiled and nod.

It had become impossible for me to engage fully in conversations. I was spending enough energy just to keep the darkness that swirled in my mind from consuming me fully.  When I let my guard down the numbness would be overtaken by the storm clouds of shame that gleefully welcomed the opportunity to roar inside my head once more.

I tried to counter the storm, firstly with alcohol but any moments of peace that brought were quickly interrupted by the inescapable feeling of shame. If I tried to drink more, rather than quell these feelings it exacerbated them, increasing the ferocity of the roar of the angry clouds.

With an inebriated mind coupled with the paralysis of shame any chance of rational thought had gone. Whenever I was in a bar and some guy would try hitting on me the storm clouds would rush to my ear and whisper reminders of what a slut I really was.

So I begun to have a lot of sexual liaisons. A lot. If a guy showed me the slightest bit of attention there was a very good chance I would perform some act of sexual gratification for him. I never experienced true sexual pleasure from what I was doing, instead it provided me with something more important it restored the numbness.

Whether it would be on my knees with a guy in my mouth or have them banging away behind me the storm clouds would slowly dissipate. I never truly orgasmed but in its place was a greater release,  numbness would spread through my body, coating my mind in a protective layer.

Whenever I sensed it would be wearing off, that the storm clouds would be seeping through the cracks on its journey to occupy my thoughts, I would seek out a new sexual partner and become numb again.

These men became  like a drug to me and performing those acts upon them was a compulsion. In rare moments of clarity, when the numbness was gone but the storm clouds had yet to appear, I knew I was broken. I knew I was damaged.

However before I could make that desperate cry for help I would be once more consumed with the storm, the darkness silencing my pleas. All I could do was seek out the only route to that now blissful feeling of nothingness.

I was alone. By this time I had virtually pushed away anyone who cared about me, opting instead for this solo life of seedy liaisons with complete strangers.

If my friends asked if I was okay I would shut the conversation down with some bullshit about work being stressful before promptly leaving to seek out another sexual partner.

The guys who were the recipients of my compulsion did not care. They never looked me properly in the eyes otherwise they would have seen my vacant expression as if I had eyes painted on like a toy. After all that was all I was to them – a toy.


I had been once new, mint in the box but now I was being used by whoever and then passed on to the next excitable owner. Some knew how to treat such a precious item and would be tender others had no such care and was only interested in the durability of their new plaything.

This toy came with different settings – Slutty or Kinky – just flip the switch to the mode you want. Some guys would forget to switch me off ‘Demo’ and excited by what this toy could do would be unable to try out the other modes.

There was another setting, although it was never used – Normal. No guy ever seemed interested in using that one. Deep down, past the numbness and through the swirling storm clouds, I so desperately wanted someone to switch me to Normal.

The darkness had also begun to invade my dreams.  Those moments of blissful slumber used to be my solitude; the previously translucent room in my mind was now awash with blackness as if someone had taken a pot of paint and thrown it everywhere. Thick globs of darkness slid down the once brilliant walls. Out of this black sludge arms would suddenly come stretching out, grabbing, clawing, tearing at my clothes as I tried desperately to escape this once tranquil palace.

Bruised and cut I would fall to my knees and in the darkness that suffocated me I would see Him. He hovered above, this cruel faceless behemoth.  I knew only this of Him – he would be my destruction, my one final liaison that I never truly returned from.

He stalked over me, teasing his potential arrival into my real life. Brushing a dark, bony finger over my face, his skin feeling clammy against mine. Then he is gone and I am left alone in the darkness of my mind. I put my hand up to where he touched and I can feel the cold, stinging wetness of where he cut me. A reminder of what awaits down this path.

A path in which there was no light at the end. The only way forward is through the hands that reach out and grope me.  Are they trying to hold me back from meeting the lustful leviathan that waits at the end? Or do they all want a piece of me before He finishes me off?

“Can you stand up?”

I looked up and saw the guy I had only moments ago had in my mouth offering me his hand.  He was not looking at me, rather  the mess he had left on the floor of the cubicle.

“Sorry” he mumbled “I guess I got a little too excited”
I had not intended to simply suck someone off in a cubicle. I should have been welcoming every hard thrust from behind me, grateful that the storm clouds were vanishing.

Instead I was left unsatisfied and the storm mocked my failure. Without saying a word I left the cubicle. I could barely hear the guy mumbling about trying again in a few minutes.

I knew I would have to find someone else but I hated this desperate urge to have sex. It made me more irrational, more likely to take risks and made the possibility of finding Him to become more real.

Perhaps the quick blowjob had at least allowed some light to shine through the storm. A brief notion that I may find that person who would switch me back to Normal briefly occupied my thoughts.  No sooner I had I thought it I was dismissing the idea as foolish. No guy had ever switched me to that setting.

Maybe I am being unfair. Maybe some of the guys I had slept with had tried.  Perhaps it was I who wanted to stay on that path through the darkness, to continue my descent until I met Him. I desired to put a face to the phantom, to introduce myself to the nameless, to submit myself to the ultimate feeling of nothingness. Maybe it was about time I shook hands with the Devil.

“Oh I’m dreadfully sorry”

I had been so preoccupied that I had not immediately noticed someone bumping into me. Some of their drink spilt on my dress mixing with some of the other, more questionable stains.

The owner of the drink was quick to offer his apologies.

“Sorry…. Please let me get you something to dry yourself and I must insist on buying you a drink” he said.

I followed him to the bar and he turned to me, extending his hand “I’m Keith by the way”.

“Lina” I replied

Introduction made.

Following the descent it’s time to meet Keith

The Courtship Of Selina 

I needed a boyfriend.

It had nothing to do with sex but more to do with my perfect plan for the perfect life.

In a short time I had obtained a good job, place of my own and a loyal group of friends. All that was needed was a boyfriend to complete the set.

To Sensible Selina it made sense – the perfect boyfriend to live with her in the perfect house, to be there when she comes home from her perfect job. They would get engaged and have the perfect wedding and eventually raise a family of perfect children.

It would be, well, perfect.

It was everything I had imagined since I first stepped foot in school and realised this was the life I wanted to live.

I never really had a boyfriend before, perhaps the closest was Daniel,  the artist from university. However, that always had a feeling of being temporary but I now wanted something more permanent.

I was on the hunt.

It wasn’t Horny Lina on the hunt, she just wants to find someone she can devour to satisfy her burning hunger. No, I – Sensible Selina – would be doing the hunting.

There was a slight problem in that I’d never actually tried to find a boyfriend before. Either I had no interest in this pursuit or I would simply unleash Horny Lina.

I didn’t want to use Lina to find a boyfriend. It’s true that her scent could lure the guys to me but it was questionable whether those caught in the snare would be boyfriend material.

The guys Horny Lina attracted normally did not stick around once they got what they wanted. Those who did return had a high expectation of the level of sexual gratification they would receive. That was not how I would wish my relationship to begin or indeed continue.

I desired that normal relationship that other people seemed to have. Of course  I wanted the physical side to be good. I wanted it to be passionate but, dare I say it, I wanted it to be loving.

I wanted him to look into my eyes when he enters me, kiss me on the lips and tell me he loves me before confirming this statement with his physical actions.

All I had really experienced previously was a quick peck on the cheek and maybe a considerate tap on the head to indicate completion was imminent.  There were no soft whispers of love just an encouraging slap on the arse followed by a self-congratulatory ‘Yes’.

My role as The Fantasy Giver was never intended to be permanent and indeed it had not brought me to the earth shattering orgasm I had hoped for. No, I needed to feel that connection; that the guy wanted to be with me because he loved me. You know, all that soppy, romantic shit.

So with Horny Lina firmly in her cage I set about my new quest with very little clue as to what I was doing. Fortunately, I did not have to look far because he came to me in the shape of a banker named Steven.

He was good friends with Pru’s boyfriend and had joined us on a few nights out. Initially, he did not show much interest in me nor I with him. But soon we begun to talk and I could see his potential as my perfect Prince.

He was certainly handsome enough; sparkling blue eyes, firm jaw line, blonde hair and muscular physique. He was also very charming if not somewhat nervous when talking to me.

I did not mind his nervousness because I had no idea what I was doing. If I had wanted a quick fling he would have been between my legs weeks before but I held back believing that’s what normal people did, right?

Our relationship slowly progressed and soon we were seeing each other away from our friends; dinner, theatre, exhibitions – the whole dating experience. He would hold my hand during walks in the park and not once did he suggest we nip round the back of a tree for a quickie – The perfect gentleman.

Eventually we had sex. The first time was not the magical experience I had expected. I was probably to blame in some way as I my inner struggle to keep Horny Lina under control gave off mixed signals.

It was to be honest  dull, boring, average sex. Not much in the way of foreplay, a bit of heavy kissing, a quick fumble and he was inside me.  His movement was erratic, torn between a sensitive lover or frenetic fucker resulting in him hesitantly juddering and thrusting inside like a car stalling up hill.

It probably did not help that I just lay there,  the internal confusion raging inside me; Horny Lina rattling the cage to come out and play.

Why was I so scared to let her out? Because she wouldn’t be staying; once I settle down this side of me would be gone and as I lay there I chose not to introduce him to Horny Lina.  If he never meets her he will never miss her.

When he came there was no wondrous climax for either of us. Just a few heavy pants but I did notice something in his eyes, although not totally formed yet,  I saw a look of love. Then taking me totally by surprise he leaned in to kiss me.

He kissed me…. after sex 

No-one had ever kissed me after sex; whether that is because they knew where my mouth had been I don’t couldn’t be sure.  He rolled off me and held me in his arms. This was all new to me, normally the guy rolls off and starts ordering me a taxi. Maybe I was on to something here. I closed my eyes and snuggled into him. I was content, I was in love.

This feeling stayed with me for sometime but slowly cracks begun to appear in our relationship. We still enjoyed our time together but it was the sex that was becoming the problem.

By this time I was staying often at his flat; he would rarely stay at mine which suited me because it meant I did not need to tidy it up.

Even though I would sleep at his we would not always have sex and when we did his body language seemed to suggest he was doing it more out of necessity than want.

I begun to suspect he was releasing his sexual urges watching porn before he climbs into bed with his pretty but ultimately unsatisfying lover.

Sometimes he would act like he did not want me to stay as if I was disturbing a planned jerk off session. I knew what would come next – he would find someone else.  I was losing him. My perfect Prince was tiring of me.

Whether it be pride or arrogance or both I was not going to lose a guy because he thought I was shit in bed. I knew what I was capable of doing and I was going to show him.


We had been to a charity event hosted by his work – all ballgowns and tuxedos. Steven spent most of the time with his male colleagues, talking and laughing. Everything had to be a pissing contest – how much money they made, who is better at sports and who has the best partner to fuck; Steven went particularly quiet at that point.

I was left with the various wives and girlfriends to chat about things I really had no interest in. I would simply drink and nod, throwing in the occasional ‘absolutely’ for good measure.

During the taxi ride home Steven was already making his excuses as to why we would not be having sex tonight – he was tired, had a lot to drink, early start tomorrow but I paid as much attention to him as I did the women he had left me with. Horny Lina wanted to play and there would be nothing to discuss.

We arrived back at his flat and due to the lateness of the hour went straight to his bedroom and begun to undress. Steven helped unzip the back of my full length sparkling dress I was wearing. It fell to the floor revealing my lacy black underwear and thigh high stockings. I had felt that such a pretty dress deserved equally pretty underwear.

Perhaps I had hoped that the sight of me in that lingerie would have been enough to cause arousal in Steven but he seemed more interested in removing his cufflinks. Had it already got that bad that even seeing me in stockings was not enough to find me desirable? Or was he telling the truth that alcohol and tiredness meant that any sexual contact would be impossible? I was about to find out.

Still wearing my heels I walked over to Steven who was undoing his bow tie. Without saying a word I kissed him, my hand curling round to the back of his head pulling him into me.

“Selina it’s getting late” he protested but I ignored what he said and continued to kiss him. My hand ran slowly down his chest till I was by his groin. I was wasting no time. He instinctively grabbed my hand mumbling some exclamation of protest.

I flicked his hand away and begun to massage his groin. I did not care for any protests, his growing arousal told me what I needed to know. I unbuckled his belt and pulled it from around his waist. My fingers worked at removing his trousers while I continued to kiss him.

Unbuttoned,  I tugged at his trousers which fell to the floor. He was wearing boxer shorts and his cock was already proudly peeking out. I rolled my fingers round his shaft and slowly begun to stroke him.

He threw his head back and let out a deep moan as I kissed his neck. I quickened my strokes and Steven breathed harder. He shot his hand down to my busy hand, holding it still.

“Stop” he moaned.

This was not a protest said because he was not enjoying himself. On the contrary he was enjoying it too much. A few further strokes would have seen him end the night over my luxuriously expensive stockings.

He took hold of me and moved towards the bed. His intention was clear, he was aroused and wanted to be inside me. Perhaps I had done enough and should let him finish off with him on top of me. Any concerns of a less than satisfying sex life allayed after a quick handjob and fuck.

However, Horny Lina was fully out of her cage now and she was not finished. I put my fingers up to his lips and whispered for him to get on the bed. He duly obliged, removing his boxer shorts in the process.

I joined him on the bed, straddling him as I resumed our kissing. I rocked gently over his cock, my covered pussy rubbing up against his cock.

Sitting up he reached towards my breasts and started to massage them. With his arms fully outstretched I took the belt and wrapped it tightly round his wrist, hooking him on to the bed post.

“Selina what are you doing?” he asked.

I gave him a smile and stood up. Unhooking my bra I playfully threw it at him whilst letting out a little giggle. I kicked off my heels and stood over my boyfriend, admiring his toned physique and presently throbbing cock.

Standing in between his legs I ran a stockinged foot over his balls and up his shaft which prompted a moan of pleasure from him. I continued to explore the thickness of his cock with my toe until I sensed he was about to cum.  I slid my foot over his belly, up his chest and into his mouth to be welcomed by some enthusiastic sucking.

Removing my toe from his mouth I slowly slid my panties off and moved up the bed so I was standing over his head. I slipped my fingers into my wetness as Steven watched intently. He had never seen my like this.

Previously all he had known was a timid girl that would just lie there while he would just bang away clearly retreating inside his head to make it as sexy as he could for himself.  But that same timid girl now stood over him, sliding her fingers deep inside herself and letting him taste the consequence of her exploration.

I had begun to get used to the confusion on men’s faces as they meet Horny Lina; my body language changed, my facial expressions were different. Indeed, Steven could be forgiven for thinking that he had brought a different girl home. I swear at one point he moved his head to the side to double check it was still me.

Sorry Selina that I left you at the party… The funniest thing just happened 

I turned around and slowly lowered myself onto his face, grinding my now sopping  wet pussy onto him. Steven graciously flicked his tongue out to welcome my advance.

Flopping  forward I ran my tongue along the shaft of his cock which twitched with excitement. I took him in my mouth and Steven showed his appreciation by going deeper with his tongue.

I could hear him moan into my luscious hole as I sucked him harder. His legs began to shake and I could sense his orgasm was imminent. He was certainly very excitable. It was liking handling a bomb, liable to explode at any moment.

I relinquished him from my mouth and watched his hard cock slap back down. I rocked back onto his busy tongue whilst staring at his glistening manhood that twitched, precum oozing from his slit.

Moving off his mouth I heard Steven take in a satisfying breath of air. Reaching over and grabbing his ankles I hovered over his cock. It pulsated so much I was concerned that when I took him between my fingers he might explode. I guided him into my warm, wet hole and slowly begun to rock back and forth on his hardness.

Steven was moaning, letting out small yelps of excitement. I had never rode him like this and by the way he moaned it seemed this was going to be a short ride.

I sped up, slamming down on his cock. He was so hard, more aroused than I had ever felt him. I saw his toe curls and his legs tense and a cry of satisfaction coincided with his orgasm.

Spinning back round I released Steven from his makeshift binds. Resting my head on his chest I listened as his breathing settled.

It was perfect and I knew that any concerns Steven may have had vanished the moment he had cum. He was happy. I was happy.

Back in your cage Horny Lina. 

“Wow Selina that was…. Fantastic” Steven said, still breathless.

I should have just kissed him and rolled over to sleep, leaving him to reflect on what had just happened. But I didn’t. Circling my fingers around his broad chest I spoke

“You like that hun?”

“That was… amazing” he replied, still breathless.

That’s it Selina you’ve got your compliment, go to sleep now.

“I want to make you happy” I continued “You know that, right?”

He kissed me on the forehead “You do make me happy”

And there’s the reassurance – sleep now.

“No I mean sexually. You know ..that kind of happy”

Steven ran his fingers through my hair “Well certainly I am happy there” he replied.

Okay night night Selina

“You.. um.. liked being tied to the bed” I said with a giggle.

He sat up, slightly embarrassed by my directness “Well yeh…” he stuttered “Never really had thought about it before”

You tied him up. He liked it. Sleep now

“But you’ve thought about other stuff?” I asked

“Well yeh but.. It’s getting late and..”

There you go. You’re tired. He is tired. Everyone sleep.

“Maybe you can tell me another time” I paused and rolled over in bed.

Yep, definitely a conversation for another day 

“Or you could show me.” I purred.

I closed my eyes but knew that Steven would not be sleeping just yet. I had given him something to think about.

My eyes begun to get heavy but just as I drifted off to sleep I thought I heard a noise. It might have been a cat knocking something over.

Or perhaps it was the sound of the door to Steven’s desires opening up and flooding his mind with potential delights.

Or it could have been Horny Lina slamming her cage door shut from the outside, excited that she will be required to stay that little bit longer.

You should have just gone to sleep, Selina. 

Next up….My Sexual Awakening

The Origin of Selina 

So as you begin your journey through the murky  waters of my dirty mind like any story we need to start at the beginning.

I know origin stories are dull as with any super hero movie you just want to jump straight into the action.

Not that I am suggesting I am a super hero – I did make a guy cum in his pants after only 15 seconds of rubbing once but I think that was more down to his weakness than any power I possess.

Thank you Handjob Girl you have saved the city once more with your quick wrist and supple fingers

We can skip through my early life quite quickly.  I had a normal, happy childhood.  No angst or issues here. It was all perfectly pleasant.

I am the youngest child and have three brothers. I got my bad habits of alcohol & swearing from my Dad, my attractiveness from my mother (who was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen) and my love of comics, horror movies & video games from my brothers.

It was quite cramped in our house so I would spend a lot of time in my room.  It was there that I would retreat to my mind.

Obviously when I was younger it was an innocent place. I’d read the latest Batman comic and then just imagine what it would be like to go on adventures with the caped crusader.

As I progressed through my teenage years the fantasy turned a lot more.. dirty.

Age 8 – Batman : Thank you Selina for helping me save Gotham from the evil of the Joker. 

Ten years later – Batman : Thank you Selina for… What are you doing? Why are you getting on your knees and …ohhh I see.. Is that Catwoman you are sitting on?

As I progressed towards womanhood the innocence of my mind had all but eroded.

Growing up in the age of the Internet I had unfettered access to any kink or perversion I was curious about. Not that I watched much porn; maybe the odd video and I probably obsessed a little too much over Hentai. However my main source were erotic stories.

I would read the explicitly described acts being carried with  my hand wandering  down between my legs. I would close my eyes and imagine that I was the woman in whatever story I was reading.

The scenes would appear in my mind so vividly; it was almost as if it were happening to me.  My mouth would get wet at the thought of a passionate kiss or my nipples would harden as I imagined them being sucked. I would arch my back and let out a breathless moan as I pictured with startling clarity a cock entering me; pushing my fingers deep inside me, attempting to mimic the feel of the girth as it moved past my swollen, wet lips.

I never had any sex toys and would have to improvise should I require something more than my fingers – a particular Catwoman statue I had on my bedside table proved very useful.

I would move around the bed and act out the positions my lovers would have me in – from behind, me on top, on my back with legs high in the air.

I was controlling the action – the speed of the thrusts, the intensity. My pleasure was not dependent on the experience & adequacy of someone else but simply by the limitations of my imagination; and when it came to erotic pleasure my imagination seemed to have no limits.

Fuelled by the erotic stories I read,  night after night my imaginary host would bring me to a shuddering climax. They were intense orgasms, legs shaking as a bit hard down on the pillow to muffle the sound of my pleasure.

The pleasure of my mind kept me fulfilled and I was adequately satisfied to not rush out and experience the actual physical act.

Besides I had found that with three brothers and a Dad that looked like he would murder anyone for just looking at his daughter boys just didn’t seem comfortable coming round.

It’s not that I didn’t do anything – a few handjobs & blow jobs here & there. These quick fumbles providing more pleasure to the recipient than myself.

I was 19 before I finally had sex. Away at university I could experience what had been playing out in my mind for so long.  To have physical pleasure and not have the guy lose his erection & run away because he thought he heard my Dad walking up the path!

Like many, my first time was not that special. If it weren’t for the necessity of recording such a milestone it would not really feature.

I can’t even remember his name, he was cute and had a fit body. I think he was in one of the university’s sports teams. We had met at a party, the usual flirting and then back to his place.

There was to be no seduction, I hadn’t even got my coat off before he was all over me. His hands pawing at my breasts & gripping my arse.  I could feel how aroused he was as he grinded up against me.

This was my first time and I should have been nervous but I wasn’t. The alcohol probably helped but those many times in my bedroom… in my head… I had experienced this moment over and over.

I slowly lowered myself down and unzipped his trousers releasing him.  I ran my finger up his shaft and began to gently kiss it.  I moved up to his throbbing purple head, my intention was to tease him with my tongue. His intention was to shove it straight in my mouth.

As he unceremoniously rocked back and forth inside my mouth I concluded that my first time was not going to be what I had imagined.  This was not to be my story but his.

My tongue wrapped around his advancing member & my hands gripped at his arse cheeks, my nails digging into his skin. A battle for control over this sensual encounter was occurring but I was losing the battle.

He pulled away, clearly wishing to avoid spilling his load so early in proceedings.

“Whoa!” he said “Not so fast.” Slightly patronising from the guy who had touched my body only moments before as if he were modelling something from play doh real quick.

He suggested we get naked. No erotic removal of each other’s clothes. He even seemed a bit put out when I asked him to help with my zip on my dress. No gently kissing my neck as he slowly pulled the zip down letting the dress fall to the floor. Nope, he flustered away at the zip and worried he could lose arousal suggested I jerk him off while he unzips me.

Eventually we were naked, his cock stood proud and he told me to turn around. There was no eroticism in his command, it was if he had given up on the idea of sex and just wanted to play a game of hide and seek.

He told me to bend over and I assumed he was was going to explore my pussy with his tongue. Many times I had been in my bedroom and felt a warm tongue run along my lips to my bud and….. No he was just going to stick his cock in me.

I say stick it in me, it was not the smoothest of entries. He kind of prodded around the back of me. I swear at one point he got his phone so he could use the light to find his way; either that or he was consulting Google Maps where to locate  it.

Eventually he was inside me. I let out a moan as I felt him enter. Admittedly I had felt more pleasure feeling my Catwoman statue enter me.

He started off slow, gently rocking his hips. I moved slowly back & forth onto his cock which to his credit was impressively hard. However he told me to stop doing that and so I just rested on my elbows, arse in the air somewhat confused as to what part I play in all of this.

He began to pick up speed and soon his thrusts were wild and he clearly was enjoying himself back there.

Physically I was aroused, the quickness of his thrusts meant that by the law of averages he’d hit the right spot every now and then. But in my mind I was bored. I realised that all this was for his pleasure not mine. I was just a vessel – this was his experience, not mine.. Not ours.

I could hear him and feel him bang away at the back of me and any wonder how long he could keep it up was quickly answered as he moaned heavy and with several exaggerated thrusts shot his load into the protective sheath.

There was to be no bringing me to orgasm or an intimate cuddle. He lay on his bed exhausted and breathlessly gave me directions out of his house. When I raised an eyebrow his eyes lit up & he said ‘Unless you want to do it again later’.

I got dressed and left. Walking back to my room I wondered if this were to be my physical sex life. That I would just be a receptacle for someone else’s horny desires.

Had my imagination created a high threshold that no one could physically achieve? As I climbed into bed I laughed ‘For fuck sake Lina you are over thinking things – the first time is always shit’. 

I turned and grabbed my Catwoman statue and closing my eyes and begun to experience what that night should have been like….

Now go experience my Evolution

The Mind of Selina 

Well, you’ve got this far. Hello, welcome to the door to my mind.

Before you turn the handle and enter I must warn you  things can get pretty hot in there. So if you are under 18 or uncomfortable with talk about sexual desires & acts, you best move away from the door… Just ignore the screams of pleasure coming from behind it.

If you are still here then let me show you around my mind.  Take a deep breath, turn the handle and come in. Be warned though you may not want to leave.

To the left are my memories, those naughty things I have actually done. Some I am proud of.. Some not so. This will be my confessional because you want to know the things I have done, right?

To the right are my fantasies.  My wants. My desires.  Those things that cause me to touch myself. They could become your desires as well.

You would have noticed the doors to my confessions & fantasies are damaged. The sexual desires & memories seeping out creating a wet mess on the floor.  Be careful, it can be slippery when wet.

Those desires & acts have been flooding out of there for some time like a raging waterfall; the defences I built to keep them at bay were not strong enough.

Dive in… Don’t worry it’s warm. Swim around, the deeper you go the hotter it will be.

What’s those two doors towards the back? Well, that one there is where I keep all my memories & feelings about someone special, I call her my Pixie Princess. I’ll tell you about her, don’t worry. When you learn about her you’ll understand why I keep her away from the constant flow of my sexual desires and experience.

The last door is me.  The me everyone knows. Shy Lina, Dependable Lina, Boring Lina. Those who know me would suffer instant shock if they even dipped a toe in the waters you are about to dive into.

The real me cannot merge with the slutty, sleazy me. Not a drop of these horny waters can mix with the very respectable life I have built.

The calm, still lake of my existence only inches away from the chaotic waves of my desire that crash against the wall I have built to protect the real me.

But is  that very respectable 27 year old English girl the real me? I think we know the answer.  Those waters you stand beside will show you who I really am.

So strip off & dive in…..the water is lovely!

Ready for my Origin?