Cocky, Animal Doctor Guy- The Cockhead Bros – A Preview

This is an EXCLUSIVE Preview of the first book in a forthcoming series THE COCKHEAD BROS


Lorenzo ‘Cocky’ Cockhead stared intensely into the mirror. His piercing blue eyes studied his gorgeous reflection.

He was handsome. Staggeringly handsome. Square jawed, defined cheekbones, all framed with some designer stubble.

Lorenzo was so staggeringly attractive, his eyes so dreamy that those who saw him did not immediately notice his one slight imperfection.

In the middle of his forehead was a perfectly formed penis.

He closed his eyes as the memories of all the teasing he had to endure came flooding back.

His peers at school would chant ‘Cockhead….Cockhead….Cockhead’. It didn’t help that this was actually his surname. The confusion he felt as a child was immense; he didn’t know whether the kids were mocking his affliction or simply trying to get his attention.

They had nicknamed him ‘Cocky’ but through his determination and resolve to not let his affliction define him, he chose to own that name.

The name Cocky’ would forever be his. Sure others would throw that name around willy nilly (and even cocky wocky ) but he would make it his…forever.

Lorenzo would not allow the fact that his penis was on his head to hold him back.

He worked hard , kept his head down (literally) and became the best Animal Doctor Guy the small town of Los Pubis had ever seen.

“The patient is prepped”

Lorenzo was interrupted by Tiffany, his assistant. He spied her in the reflection. She was beautiful and Lorenzo took the opportunity to eye her up shapely legs.

She wore a short skirt and heels, totally inappropriate attire to perform animal surgery, but he didn’t care, he liked it.

He closed his eyes and listened to the sound of Tiffany’s heels clip clopping on the tiled floor as she made her way to the operating room.

This was going to be a difficult operation. Lorenzo was about to perform surgery on a depressed Alpaca with a speech impediment who thought it was a bear.

The owner of the Alpaca was Lydia Lunaricious. She was the wife of the CEO of the largest company in Los Pubis. She also happened to be the most beautiful woman ever.

Lorenzo knew if he performed this surgery well and brought her beloved Alpaca back to health then she would have sex with him.

Sure technically Lorenzo was just doing the job he was being amply paid to do but he had seen the way she had looked at him.

The way she had cocked her head to one side and stared into his deep, dreamy blue eyes.

The penis on his head had even twitched with anticipation, brushing the curl,that wistfully fell onto his forehead, aside.

“Can you save Cocky?” She asked

“How did you know my nickname” Lorenzo asked, suddenly conscious of the penis on his forehead.

“My Alpaca is called Cocky. I love him so much. He’s like one of the family”

Lorenzo smiled, he was the greatest animal doctor guy that Los Pubis had produced.

“Of course Cocky will save Cocky” he smiled displaying a row of perfect white teeth “I’m the best.”

Lydia smiled back “Just don’t get cocky”

“Don’t get Cocky, your Alpaca?” Lorenzo asked curiously.

“No” she replied “Don’t get cocky about saving Cocky, Cocky”

He placed his manly hand on her dainty sexy woman shoulder and said “Cocky will not be cocky. Your Cocky will be fine”

He saw tears in her eyes and she leaned over to kiss him. The protrusion on his forehead twitched as he felt her soft lips on his skin.

“You know” Lorenzo said “In Animal Doctor Guy School it is good luck to give the surgeon a kiss on the forehead before surgery.”

“Oh Cocky” Lydia swooned

“Which one?”

“This one” she replied leaning in to kiss his forehead.


The Needy Mule: Preview Of Headless by Banchitta & Ahmad

Well here is a first for my Needy Mule Comic Blog side of my website, I get to preview a comic book.

HEADLESS is written by Alex Banchitta with art by Robert Ahmad.

There is no date for release yet but this is certainly a comic you want to keep on your radar.

It’s a horror adventure set in a small town during the 1980s. A mysterious death prompts concerns that the demon Headless Horseman has returned.

The premise is certainly an interesting one and the first issue does well to set up the main players in this saga.

Perhaps at times the dialogue gets a bit heavy and in places could have done with it being more punchy. I can understand the need to cram as much into the first issue, especially for an independent publication that certainly needs the reader returning for that difficult second part.

And believe me the final panel will have you wanting more of this story.

Whilst I hate comparing stuff to established works, that does seem the way of the world for reviews nowadays. So, fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things or Image’s Paper Girls will definitely like the mood that develops throughout this issue.

The art is fantastic; the use of colours and stylised characters are very reminiscent of the late, great Darwyn Cooke; but you can also see influences from other artists such as Frank Miller and Cliff Chiang, which when mashed together has its own unique quality.

So, a strong first issue which sets up the rest of the story with the requisite amount of mystery and intrigue that bodes well for the rest of the series.

I would rate this 4 stars out of 5….Wait a star rating is so last year.

Ahem…. I rate this 6 Mules out of 7. That’s right, I have created a whole new system for assessing the quality of a comic book.

It’s my blog, I can do what I want!

Anyway keep a look out for Headless by Banchitta & Ahmad.

Until next time Mule fans.