The Recipe Of Selina

My blog has had something of a refit and during the process I thought to myself why can’t I be like all the other bloggers. You know the ones who blog about fashion or food.

I fear my reputation as a blogger may be limited to writing smutty things…..and squirrels.

So in order to diversify I’m going to tell you how to make a glorious Tiramisu Gateau.

Which is very simple to make and I’m sure I can tell you how to do it without being rude. So here it goes


25g butter, melted

4 medium eggs

165g caster sugar

100g plain flour

15g cornflour

200g plain chocolate

150 ml very strong coffee

100ml Tia Maria

300ml Double Cream

1/2 tablespoon of vanilla essence.

500g marscapone at room temperature. You might have your rooms very cold or really hot so no clue what constitutes ‘room temperature’.


Preheat the over to 180 degrees Celsius or 160 if you have a fan (I presume that’s a fan assisted oven and not that you have someone who always likes your Tweets). Anyway it’s Gas Mark 4…Yeh no clue either.

So next you need to grease up a 22cm cake tin (preferably the springform one). So I really want you to lubricate it. That’s it let your fingers move over the lubrication. Feels good doesn’t it? It’s always important to lubricate well

Next put the eggs and 115g of the sugar in a bowl and whisk until pale, thick and creamy. Mmm just look at that creamy goodness. You just want to feel it on your tongue don’t you? Not yet.

Sieve the flour and cornflour together then stick half of it in that glorious creamy mix. Put in half the butter and the rest of the flour followed by the remaining butter.

Pour into a tin and bake for 20-25 minutes. While you are waiting why not slip out your generic e-reader and indulge into some naughty erotica. For this particular dessert I would recommend some Amber or if your fan assisted Dani

There is a good chance you may have become distracted and so repeat the above.

When golden you need to let it cool. So why not chill out and read my Overlord Unicorned Squirrels

Okay back to it.

Grate the chocolate. Mix the coffee and the Tia Maria together.

Cut the cake into 3 layers. Line the base and sides with cling film.

Now using the whisk I want you to really whip that cream, vanilla and remaining sugar to soft peaks then fold into the marscapone. Talking about vanilla, you know what’s not vanilla? stuff that Wednesday writes.

You may wish to consult these books from Harley about best whipping techniques.

So really whip it …. that’s it… Harder! Don’t stop….Keep going…Harder…… So good. Don’t you ever fucking stop doing that. That’s it. More. More. MORE!!!Mmmm I love it when you do it like that.

You want to do it some more? Do you? Yeh you got it in you? Mmmm , well go on then. I see you all flushed there thinking about my soft peaks.

Next, place 1 sponge layer in the base. Sprinkle over about a third of the coffee mix, then spread with a third of the marscapone mix.

That’s it really spread it. Mmmm look at you spreading that creamy mixture everywhere. Mmmm just want to lick it all up.

Next sprinkle over a third of the chocolate. Repeat twice.

Yeh, that’s right you keep sprinkling and spreading that goodness. Make sure you cover everywhere. You got enough to do that, baby? Mmmm good you sprinkle that sweet stuff till there is no more left.

Then just chill for two hours. So pop on Netflix or have sex or just masturbate. Whatever you wish because the cake is done.

You know what I think this new more sensible blog worked really well.

The Saving of Selina 

Six months. That is how long I was with Keith, checking off the items  from his naughty bucket list.

I was feeling rather upbeat about this arrangement. I had seen the list, we had agreed upon which ones I would do plus Keith had promised it would be more than just sex.

On that front he was certainly true to his word, treating me to lavish meals, nights out at the theatre and whatever else I cared to ask for. I even managed to drag him along to a comic convention, where he spent most of the time gazing at the variety of cosplayers before promptly amending his sex bucket list.

Keith ,I don’t remember ‘ must be dressed as Batgirl’ on this one?’

It wasn’t the case that he would take me out somewhere as a reward for a sterling sexual performance. Indeed, sometimes he just wanted to have my company during a meal.

No Keith, a guy buys me dinner then I suck his cock..Thats how it works, right?’ 

Whilst it was all rather gentlemanly of him I was concerned that he was becoming too attached. That was certainly something I wished to avoid. I had no intention of being a slutty stepmother to someone who was the same age as me.

No matter how kind, attentive and considerate Keith may have been I was not after any relationship. Although he was showing me how a guy should treat a girl I was more focused on seeing through my part of the deal. I was determined that neither of us would renege on our agreement; even if regular lunch at the Savoy was quite pleasant.

The first of Keith’s fantasies to be fulfilled was to have sex in his office. He had it all planned; indeed, Keith would often brief me as to expectations of the fantasy. I did not mind,  as such was his innocent charm,  I found it mildly amusing as he bumbled over describing the sex act he wanted performed. Sometimes, I would play dumb or pretend I hadn’t heard something so he’d have to repeat it again.

The only slight downside to Keith’s pre-sex briefings (or pervy priming as I affectionately referred to them) was that the events lacked an element of spontaneity.

So when I arrived in his office,  wearing a long overcoat to disguise the fact that underneath was nothing more than bra, panties and stockings, I was immediately struck by how empty and tidy his desk was.

Keith had confirmed during the briefing that were going to have sex on his desk.  Clearly, he had spent the time when everyone else had gone home to put everything neatly away.

There was to be no passionate sweeping of papers as we ripped each other’s clothes off.  No, it was all choreographed to the point I had expected to see markings on the desk like some horny game of Twister.

Sorry, does my left buttock go here?’

Nevertheless the creator of these fantasies was having a wonderful time. I had reconciled previously that I would never experience true sexual pleasure. My role in all this was to facilitate someone else’s carnal desires and I was genuinely happy with that arrangement.

If I hadn’t been performing these well planned erotic adventures I would be having some random guy between my legs for no other reason than I felt compelled to do so. This was far more pleasant.

Of course such was my reliance on Keith’s briefings that I didn’t really do much thinking for myself. So as he got his breath back following his orgasm he suggested we go have some dinner.

“But I’m just in my underwear Keith” I pointed out.

“Oh” he replied “Did you not bring a change of clothes?”

As the months went on I felt the happiest I had been for a long time. My mind was flourishing in the brightness, having been stifled for so long under the dark clouds that had consumed me.

When I was with Keith I did not experience any feelings of anger, disgust or frustration that had led to culmination of the storm clouds and the manifestation of that feeling of numbness.

Perhaps the only slight frustration I felt was during one of Keith’s bucket list fantasies when he wanted to have sex whilst his favourite jazz tune played.

Once I had got past the distraction of whether the piano was actually  being played correctly, it all seemed to go a little chaotic.

Keith seemed determined to have sex with me to the rhythm of the music, yet there seemed to be no actual rhythm. Cymbals would crash and trumpets blare which sounded like a cat being strangled. Keith’s movements inside me replicated the cacophony of chaos that filled the room. If someone had been watching they would be forgiven in thinking that this fifty year old was having a fit.

The fantasy had been to make love to this one particular tune but after twenty minutes of random crash, bangs and wallops I brought Keith, who was happily humming away, closer to me and whispered

“Hun I think this is a different tune?”

Without breaking from his haphazard rhythm he replied “No. Still the same one.”

That evening I certainly had admiration for Keith’s stamina but cannot say that I had a new found love for jazz.

The final bucket list fantasy was left purposely to last, not by me but by Keith. I never asked why, perhaps he wanted to end our time together with a bang. Keith wanted to get a little kinky.

I was unsurprised that this particular fantasy would appear on the list; around that time it was all the rage. Thousands of sexually repressed British people were showing how much they loved their partner by tieing them up and whacking them.

I had been tied up before but rarely made a habit of it. Although I had no control over my compulsion to have random sex I still retained some semblance of intelligence. I was not suddenly going to let a guy I had just met tie me up so I could not escape, or at the very least kick him in the balls. But I had been with Keith for months, he was kind and I trusted him.

My arse had been spanked countless times during sex and some of my one nighters would get a little rough. Nevertheless, Keith was a gentle soul and doubted he could hurt me.

Therefore I had agreed to this particular fantasy expecting that this would all be performed rather half-heartedly and that Keith would lose interest halfway through and just revert back to normal sex.

However he had planned this quite methodically and wanted to insert a little roleplay into this fantasy. Here was where we encountered the first problem.

I had grown up in comic book stores and had listened to numerous heated discussions about plot holes and the problem with retcons.

I would never participate in such discussions but clearly some of the fanboy ranting must have rubbed off on me because I was unhappy with the plot of Keith’s fantasy.

“So you will be a naughty secretary that I punish for making mistakes.” said Keith.

I stifled a giggle as I watched Keith describe his naughty idea in such a bumbling manner. However, I felt this storyline needed to be clarified.

“Wait. What sort of mistakes?” I enquired.

Keith was not expecting any enquiry into the detail of his fantasy and stuttered his response “Ermmm.. You know, not filing properly, late.. That sort of stuff.”

“So I’m incompetent?” I replied

“Well.. Yes I guess you are.”

“So not naughty just incompetent.” I stated.

“Well… No.. You’re naughty and incompetent” bumbled Keith.

“Not doing the filing properly and that does not make me naughty it makes me shit at my job.”

Keith went to say something but I continued “I mean if I can’t do my job properly then you give me warnings… training… notify HR… Not fucking flog me. That’s not in the Company Manual”

“HR don’t know and you are too concerned about keeping your job to say anything to anyone.” Keith said, desperately trying to maintain the simplicity of this fantasy.

“Fuck off. My job is to do filing. You start threatening to spank me cos I’m shit at it.. I’ll bloody leave straight away.”

Keith smiled trying to find a compromise  “Look let’s just say I am a kinky boss that likes to punish poor workers that way.”

“Did you do that to Roger when he broke the photocopier?” I replied.

“Who’s Roger?” Keith asked, looking a little confused.

“Just someone I added to this scenario to give it some realism”

Keith held his hands up “There is no Roger.”

“He’s got a wife and two kids you know” I added

“SELINA!” Keith exclaimed before smiling and calmly he replied “OK you’re not incompetent just slutty and you make these mistakes purposely  to get me to punish you. ”

“So why don’t I just ask you to spank me?” I suggested.

“Excuse me?” asked Keith.

“Rather than just pretend to be shit at my job why don’t I just bend over your desk and say ‘spank me big boy'”

“Because….” Keith thought for a moment, sighed and went and got a drink.

The evening of the fantasy I emerged from the bathroom wearing black thigh high stockings and a basque, all finished off with a choker.  If there were any doubt what Keith intended to do then the fact my bare arse was clearly on show was a bit of a giveaway.

“I don’t think this is really suitable office attire, Keith” I said.

“We’ve moved on from that scenario now.” he replied.

Since my geeky necessity for plot perfection Keith had not shared with me the details of his new revised fantasy. My ex Steven used to do that a lot but Keith was kinder and gentler. I was certain I had nothing to worry about. At the end of the day I was simply submitting myself to a guy I’ve known for just a few months holding a paddle in his hand.

There was a pillar that separated his lounge from the hallway and Keith chose that location to tie me up.  Facing the pillar he begun to bind my hands and ankles.

“Oh… We need a safe word” he said.

“How about ‘Stop fucking hitting me you wanker'” I suggested.

Ignoring my comment he provided the name of one of his favourite Jazz musicians as our safe word.

With me bound and nowhere to go Keith stalked round me. He was naked save for a silk robe that did little to hide his modesty.

” You’ve been a bad girl.” He offered that cliché in a rather unconvincing way but followed it up with a crack of the paddle on my bare buttocks.

It was at that moment of the hard leather colliding with my soft skin that I realised something.  It was something I had not really thought about. All the rough sex and scrapes I had gotten into in my life it had never occurred to me until that moment.

I don’t like pain.


I really don’t like pain.

“Fuckin’ Hell Keith” I screamed

“Yeh you like that don’t you? You naughty girl” he replied, now in full role play mode.

“No it fucking hurts” I screamed with  tears forming in my eyes.

But Keith did not relent and why would he? This was his fantasy and I hadn’t said the safe word.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Pride was not the reason I didn’t scream out the safe word. Nor was it because I was enjoying it; having my arse beaten was definitely not my idea of a fun Friday night.  However determined I was to fulfill Keith’s fantasies I had no hesitation in calling it off.

No, the reason I did not was because I wasn’t paying attention when he told me. I probably should have written it down but that was difficult on account of my hands being tied up at the time.

For all Keith knew my cries of pain were an act; an exaggerated performance to bring to life his fantasy.  He wanted to punish me for being slutty.  He wanted to punish me for being incompetent and failing to do the most basic things in life correctly. Art imitating life. Perhaps there were  reasons I wasn’t shouting out the safe word.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

My buttocks stung and the soreness of my skin made each whack more painful. Keith was relentless, his normal kind demeanour had transformed into something more sinister. Was he trying to really hurt me? Or was he simply performing a role. Just all part of the make believe.

As I stood there, bound, being flogged an image flashed through my mind. It was an image that I had become familiar with but which had been absent from my mind for the entire duration of the  relationship with Keith.

It was of the dark towering behemoth. The one that would lead me towards that final descent into the dark abyss of nothingness.

At the start of our relationship I had contemplated whether Keith could be that final liason but had quickly dismissed that thought. He was kind and his bumbling nature had been disarming.

Yet, although I had no control over my compulsion which had seen me engage in all manner of sexual activity, I had always been careful never to leave myself in a position of vulnerability where I would be unable to resist the advances of the mystery monster that haunted my dreams. But I found myself bound, unable to move, unable to run. I was totally at the mercy of another.

I could sense the sinister black clouds forming, ready to erase the brightness of my mind that I had enjoyed the past few months. No doubt Lina would be riding the roaring gloom like a lustful valkyrie; crashes of thunder would ring out in my head to signal her return.

I closed my eyes as Keith continued to punish me. I had submitted to whatever Keith intended to do next. Would he hurt me? I mean really hurt me. Use me in whatever way he desired with no consideration of myself.

This was to be our final time together…..a final liaison. Bound tightly I could not see behind me. Dare I try to look? To see that once gentle face now contorted in an expression of dark lustful malevolence. His skin reddening from the exertion of the brutality he was delivering.

With tears running down my face I closed my eyes once more willing  the numbness that the dark clouds would provide to arrive.

Then the beating stopped. I stood there in silence, my breath in sync with the throbbing of my skin.  Why had he stopped? Was this the calm before the actual storm?  Then he spoke, the comforting bumbling tones a juxtaposition of the image of the raging punisher I had fixed in my mind.

“Well I must say this isn’t at all what I imagined” he said “Not at all. I am rather disappointed and really don’t see what the fuss is all about”

I let out a laugh which was more an exclamation of relief. “You not aroused then Keith?” I asked.

“Not in the slightest. I do hope I did not hurt you in pursuing this ridiculous fantasy” he said as he begun to untie me.

“No… Just stings a little” I replied.

Free of restraint I watched Keith slump mournfully into an armchair. Our final time had not been the event he had hoped for. He realised that was it, the end of the deal, time to go our separate ways.

Even I could not end it on such a sour note.  There was a element of pride there. The Fantasy Giver was not about to bow out on a loss. But also I had become rather fond of Keith.

I dropped to my knees and begun to slowly crawl towards Keith.

“Selina what are you doing?” he exclaimed.

I did not respond, just continued my slow, sultry journey to his lap where I took his flaccid penis in my hand guiding it towards my lips.

I looked up at Keith as I felt him grow hard inside my warm mouth. His look was one of confusion… Just what I like!

I sucked on his expanding meat until he was about to explode, all the while my eyes were fixed on his, watching the bewildered enjoyment he was experiencing. This is how Selina says goodbye… Or is that more Lina’s style.

I stood up and straddled Keith lowering myself onto his wet cock. He gripped my buttocks that were raw from the beating they had taken. A sharp intake of breath accompanied my descent onto his aroused member.

Keith buried his face into my pert breasts as I slid up and down upon him. It was raw and it was passionate. No briefing. No priming. Just instinctive spontaneous sex.  This aroused Keith more than perhaps he wanted. His orgasm came quick hard. He shook and in the final throes of his passionate release I swore he muttered “I love you.”

In that moment I probably could have said the same.  Keith was not to be my downfall. He was not my foe determined to destroy me, he was my saviour.

Instead of dragging me down into that dark pit of despair he had jumped in and plucked me out. He was my white knight, not so much in shining armour but in pinstripes.

Rather than confirm my ultimate destruction and sentence me to a lifetime of soul sapping numbness he had, through his kindness, banished those clouds.

Keith was a decent man. An honest man. So why would I not tell him I love him and carry on with the relationship?

What is that old cliché? It’s not you it’s me?  There was nothing wrong with Keith but there sure as hell was something wrong with me.

Despite the best efforts of the pinstriped warrior fragments of the darkness he rescued me from remained. Small reminders as to what I had done, what I was like, what I was capable of.

Lina would return; I had no doubt about that. I didn’t want Keith to meet her, he certainly did not deserve that. She would have no regard for his feelings and lay waste to his beautiful kind manner.

If I told him I loved him it would make what would follow harder. That moment I would callously and cruelly hurt him for no other reason than I was bored. To respond to his gestures of kindness with a numb indifference. That was not fair. He deserved better.

He had saved me and in return I had given him everything he wanted.  They had been a happy six months  and it was probably best to keep them that way.

So I could not tell him I loved him. It was time to move on and my parting words as I slid down his cock one final time were simple;

“Thank You”

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The Deal of Selina 

It was inevitable that I would have sex with Keith.

Firstly, ever since bumping into me, he had shown the requisite interest which, in recent times, had been enough to allow any man between my legs.

Secondly, following my failed encounter with the young guy in the toilet cubicle I had felt that burning compulsion to have sex.  I needed it. Not for any pleasure but to restore the numbness before those dark storm clouds once again consumed me.

Such was this need I did not care that Keith was twice my age. It had gotten to the stage in the frenzied feeding of my compulsion that I was willing to not be that picky.

Not that there was much wrong with Keith.  The grey flecks in his hair gave him that distinguished look and whilst time was starting to show on his lined face he was clearly quite handsome. I just hoped his cock worked. I had given a clear indication at least 30 minutes beforehand that we would be having sex in case he needed to go take a little blue pill.

By the end of the night I was inside his luxurious flat and he was inside me. It was a passionate encounter with Keith a mixture of enthusiasm and hesitancy. It was as if one part of his brain refused to accept that he was having sex with a much younger pretty girl. The other half seemed to be unsure whether he should be doing anything different.

Whether chemically induced or not he was hard and for my part I had just wanted him deep inside me. The dark clouds had been forming in my mind and I was in no mood to experience any of the malevolent shame they intended to strike down upon me.

Keith’s stamina surprised me. Perhaps unfairly I had assumed that it would be over in a matter of minutes or that he might just keel over. There was one moment when I looked at his face which was red, glistening with sweat, all contorted in the weirdest expression, I actually thought Keith might be having a heart attack. Turned out I was witnessing his orgasm face.  A furious combination of thrusts that defied his age followed then a satisfied moan before rolling off, all sweating and panting.

Normally, as soon as it was over I would be on my feet getting dressed and making a hasty exit. I continued to be haunted by this image, that had invaded my dreams, of a dark figure. He signified my final liaison. Therefore I tended not to stick around the guy’s house, just in case he was a psychopath.

However with Keith something felt different. The storm clouds had gone. Usually there would be some remnant of the dark swirl but instead I felt normal. I felt drunk… . I felt Keith’s arm slide across as me as he snuggled up.

Woatheretiger. Selinadoesn‘t cuddle. 

But I did not protest I just allowed my heavy eyes to close as I fell into a gentle slumber.

I awoke the next morning alone in the bed. My head hurt but it was a pain I welcomed. It was not caused by the ravages of the darkness but by the vast quantities of alcohol I had consumed the night before. I had a hangover.  Whilst it made every movement hurt I much preferred this to the numbness I had become accustomed to.

“I’m Alive!” I said internally before taking four attempts to actually get out of the bed.

I stood naked in some stranger’s bedroom and it was a dilemma I had not experienced in a while. Do I put on last night’s clothes? I picked them up from the floor, which took longer than it should have; every time I bent down the floor seemed to sink further away from me.

When I finally retrieved my clothes they smelt of last night – alcohol, cigarettes, sex. The accumulated scent made me feel nauseous. I was of course fully prepared to take the walk of shame home in yesterday’s outfit but another drawback of the hangover was my throat felt dry and I could certainly do with a coffee. I had no idea where my aging lover was. I didn’t really know where I was.

I spied on a chair a neatly pressed shirt which, along with my panties, I slipped on. This certainly should give him no funny ideas. When I finally reached the kitchen, Keith was at the stove cooking up some scrambled eggs. He had the air of a fifty year old that had just spent the night fucking someone younger. He was humming away to some awful jazz tune as he spied me;

“Ahh Selina. Good Morning to you” he exclaimed, stuttering a little as he noted what I was wearing.

He gestured to a round table for me to sit where he brought me some orange juice and the nectar of the Gods….. a coffee.

“I am making some scrambled eggs if you fancy some or there are some croissants on the table” he spoke in a posh accent, a hint of nervousness underlined each word.  He was like one of those kind yet bumbling British characters that Colin Firth always seems to play.

Keeping eye contact with him I grabbed a croissant and bit off the end, chewing suspiciously like I was some feral girl who had spent my life in some woods being raised by wolves. Keith would be the kindly gentleman who would teach me the ways of the human folk.  Alternatively, he could be the evil hunter intent of having me mounted on his wall as a prized catch. I opted for the former because Colin Firth only plays good guys, doesn’t he?

He joined me at the table with a steaming pile of scrambled eggs which he lavishly spread on my plate. Sitting down opposite  he flicked through the newspaper while still humming that incessant jazz tune.  I ate in silence. He didn’t look at me, just read his paper pausing only to take a bite of his breakfast.  He managed to do this all without breaking tune.

“Selina I’m thinking of taking a drive in the countryside this afternoon” he said suddenly without looking up from the paper “I wondered if you care to join me?..  There’s a lovely pub there who do a wonderful Ploughman’s lunch.”

He looked up at me for my answer just at the point I was devouring a massive spoonful of scrambled eggs.


I nodded my agreement. I maybe should have given it some more thought but I wanted Keith to return to his paper before egg spilled out of my mouth.

“Delightful” he said looking back down at his newspaper “Of course we will swing  round yours so you can change.”

The drive to the pub was silent, well apart from Keith humming away to jazz music. I was preoccupied with a thought;

I have just agreed to get in a car with a complete stranger and drive through woodland to the middle of nowhere.

Despite the fact I may have voluntarily consented to my demise I actually felt calm. There was something wonderfully disarming about Keith. His bumbling British manner put me at ease and I felt he was more Kind Keith than Killer Keith.

At the pub he generously bought me lunch and despite the remnants of my hangover still lingering I washed it down with several beers.   Keith was more than happy to tell me about his life.  He was a Partner in a big city law firm. I would tell you more about that but I kind of switched off whilst he was telling me….. something something corporate something.

He was presently going through a divorce and he had a daughter the same age as me; we both looked awkwardly away when he revealed that fun fact.  He asked me about myself and I was cagey at first to reveal too much but such was his innocent charm I found I told him more than I had intended.

I was going to end the brief summary of my life with the fact that I really hate being bludgeoned to death in the middle of a woods. You know, just in case. Yet I felt totally safe with Keith the only unease that was building was that it felt like a date. Was I dating a fifty year old? Did he think it was a date?

It was around this point that he finally raised our sexual antics from the previous night.

“Selina I must say last night was amazing” he begun “I know it would be foolish of me to believe you would want to do it again…Would you?”

He paused looking at me for some response but I was eating a chocolate cheesecake.

Again with answering questions whilst my mouth is full!

Still devouring the cheesecake and unable to respond I just smiled, Keith took the opportunity to continue.

“Well anyway at least that’s something I can cross off my list”

I gulped down the mouthful of dessert and replied “You have a list?”

“Oh yes” he said rather boldly “A bucket list. Do you not have one?”

I giggled whilst picking at the remnants of chocolate on my plate “No. Anyway I thought they were just about skydiving and visiting pyramids.”

A bashful smile spread across his face as he responded “Well mine was like that,  but there were a few.. carnal things I put on there.”

“A few?” I said raising an eyebrow “Like what?”

“Well… erm..” he bumbled “I can show you the list.. If you like?”

He picked up his phone and after a few taps on his screen he slid it towards me. I looked down to see all neatly presented Keith’s Bucket List.

I scanned through the dull ones like motor car racing until I got to the juicy portion.  I looked up at Keith who stared at me nervously as I flicked through the list.

“Done… Done… Not done..” I said as I scrolled through  “Don’t know what that is…. and you shouldn’t even be thinking that one let alone writing it down you dirty bastard.’

I looked up at Keith who had the expression of a school kid who was agonisingly waiting for his Teacher to mark his homework.

He gave a nervous smile and said “So? What do you think?”

I was unsure how to respond, unclear if he expected me to give feedback on each individual one.

“Yeh, they’re cool.” I answered nonchalantly “Although number 12… Wrong.. Just wrong.”

Keith let out a nervous laugh and replied “Well at least thanks to you I can cross one off the list.”

“I didn’t see one that said fuck a girl half your age.” I retorted.

More nervous laughter from Keith as he replied “No but a one night stand was.” He took a sip from his glass of red wine before continuing “I’d like to do a few more on that list …..with you”

I was rather taken back by his sudden boldness. I  had endured what seemed a lifetime of bumbling and indecision before he ordered his lunch, which turned out to be exactly what he always ordered,  yet here he was making a very direct request.

It was this directness  which caught me a little off guard. I had expected him to try and have sex with me again, I would have been offended if he hadn’t. Yet I was at a loss on how to respond and just raised an eyebrow.

Concerned he may have offended me Keith returned to his more familiar bumbling nature.

“I mean you of course do not have to. It wouldn’t just be sex.. I’d buy you things.. You know.. Treat you.”

“I’m not a whore Keith” I replied, a mischievous half-smile on my face.

“No.. No.. You most certainly are not.. What I mean is we can go out” he said, floundering for the right words “You know, like dinner or a show and if you fancied doing something off the list then…. we can”

Before I could respond he added “But only if you want to.. No pressure.” For good measure he concluded with “And you wouldn’t be a whore.”

I smiled and contemplated his offer. I had no idea why but being in Keith’s presence made the storm clouds stay away.  Maybe I could do with a holiday from the numbness. It had been a bad year and I was clinging on by a thread. Perhaps indulging in Keith’s list of lust would help me hold on that little bit longer.

I had no intention of ‘dating’ Keith and would have to be careful not to let him become too attached. It would be good for both of us. I can step out of the darkness for a short while and Keith… well he gets his naughty fantasies fulfilled.

Isn’t that how it all began? This desire to please others, to make their fantasies come true. Selina The Fantasy Giver – that’s what I used to call myself but recently it had just been Lina.  She had been thriving in the darkness and what it compelled me to do. I concluded there was nothing wrong with the offer Keith had presented me with.

“Okay.” I said “I’m up for that.”

His face lit up not quite sure if I had agreed to his proposal. “Really?” he exclaimed “Well now that is rather pleasant.”

“But not number twelve.” I pointed out.

“No. Well we can discuss the ones you are happy to do.” He replied.

I smiled and went back to finishing the last of my cheesecake, glancing over at Keith who had the expression of a child who had just been told he can have all the toys in the shop.

For my part I felt happy. Not that giddy happiness someone may have when first embarking on a relationship. It wasn’t going to be like that. It was most certainly not a relationship.

It just felt good to be the Fantasy Giver again and this time I knew exactly what I was letting myself in for. Here it was before me in Times New Roman font, all nicely underlined and arranged.  There could be no misunderstandings. No mistakes. Plus by the sounds of it I was going to get well fed for my effort.

It was a good deal and you only make good deals with good people.

I mean who else is there to make a deal with?

With the deal done, will Keith be my saviour? Find out here

The Evolution of Selina – Part Two 

As I entered my final year of university I had reached the conclusion that to obtain the highest level of sexual gratification I was going to have to indulge in other people’s sexual fantasies.

My experience with Gamer Dude had brought me so close. Maybe not through the door of complete sexual pleasure but at least right up to it, peering through the window at the delights that lay ahead.

The problem was I had no idea how I was going to do it. I mean how was I going to know what someone’s deepest fantasy was without asking them?

If I were just to go up to a guy and say “Hey what’s your sexual fantasy?” he would most likely respond for me to suck his cock, because that would be his dominant horny thought at that very moment. Guys are kind of predictable like that!

But I wanted to go deeper. To truly find out what they desired and to indulge their sexual fantasy, bringing it to life with orgasmic clarity.

Selina – The Fantasy Giver 

But how? Walk around with a sign saying ‘Get your fantasies here’. It’s also not like I  could just go round the local bars asking.

“Evening Steve, glass of wine please. Hey I don’t suppose you know anyone here who may need some deep sexual desire fulfilled?” 

“I dunno – you could try asking that guy there in the rubber gimp suit. He may know of someone” 

I was preoccupied with the practicalities of my quest when I met Daniel.

Daniel studied art and I had gone along to an exhibition of his and other students work.  I am a great lover of art – mainly the comic book kind.
He was displaying his drawings which were predominantly  of scantily clad cyber punk girls – they were beautiful.

I struck up a conversation with him about art, comic books and we started to hang out. There was no immediate spark between us; he was attractive but a little on the shy side.

He was quite insular and shared very little about himself but I did not need him to tell me what he was thinking because I could tell from his drawings. The window into an artists soul is through his work.

As I looked at his drawings I saw a common theme, a less than subtle hint of what he desired. Aside from his love of big titted girls with guns they were all adorned in stockings or tights – Daniel had a thing for nylon!

For me to indulge in his fantasy I would need to change my look. To be honest, I had bored of the long hair tied back and alternating between jeans or leggings; the change would be good for everyone.

Inspired by the drawings of Daniel I got my hair cut short and messy, changed my jeans to hot pants shorts or a plaid skirt adorned with black tights. The normally bland blouses were replaced by t-shirts, either plain or faded print of a variety of super heroes.

The outfit was finished off by some military style ankle boots and a leather jacket I picked up in a charity shop. I looked in the mirror and for a moment did not even recognise myself. But I liked it – My evolution was complete.

Horny Lina has got herself a super suit! 

“Wow, Selina you look… Different” was Daniel’s reaction when he saw me.

I ignored the lack of an actual verbal compliment because I could see in his eyes that he liked what he saw; his gaze lingering at my nylon legs.

We went to his room and whilst he hurriedly moved all his papers so I could sit down I noticed a particular drawing; it was of me reimagined as one of his cyber punk girls, it was not a far cry to the look I was currently rocking.

“Is this me?” I asked

“Maybe” he replied whilst attempting to grab the picture back from me.

“My arse isn’t that big!” I teased

“It’s artistic licence” he said taking the picture from me “Besides I was working from memory”

I smiled, the fantasy giver had an idea! “Draw me now”  I suggested as I laid on the sofa, lifting my hands above my head “Paint me like one of your cyber punk girls!” I giggled.

He smiled, sat down at his canvas as I positioned myself in different poses.

“Would you like me like this? ” – getting on all fours on the sofa.

“Or like this?” – sitting up right with my legs spread.

“Or this?” – crossing my legs and throwing my head back.

Daniel laughed “Stop it and come closer so I can see your face”.

I stood up and sat directly opposite him as he began to sketch.  I kicked of my boots and slowly begun rubbing my foot up and down his leg.

“Selina! What are you doing?” he asked. His face was obscured & so I couldn’t see how much he was enjoying it.

“Sorry am I distracting you?” I replied.

I moved my foot up higher, past his knee and gently caressed his thigh.

“Selina, what has got into you?” he said, his voice slightly cracking.

“Would you like me to stop?” I asked but no reply came so I moved my foot across from his thigh to his groin.

He was aroused and I traced the outline of his bulge with my big toe. I could feel it twitch inside the cage of his trousers, groaning to be released.

I heard him whisper my name and licking my lips I said in a quiet voice “Take it out.” My nylon feet hovered as he nervously unzipped his trousers, pulling them down slightly to release his cock.

He was fully erect already and as I ran my toe along the length of his shaft it was clear he had fantasised about this moment. Maybe not with me; we had after all just met & this was the first time he had seen me in nylons.

I reckoned somewhere amongst his art were sketches of his cyber punk girls stroking a variety of exaggerated cocks with their feet. When he saw me wearing black opaque tights did he recall those drawings & how horny he got creating them?

He was hard. When he sat down to draw me was he hoping for this moment? Did he allow himself  a moment to fantasise, willing for this to happen? For all I know his cock had been between many girls’ feet, but something told me this was the first time; the cracking in his voice, his heavy breath, the way he just sat there unsure what to do.

The physical pleasure he experienced at the touch of my foot merged with the fantasy in his head. I had his body and his mind; it excited me, aroused me.

I lifted his cock up with my foot pressing it up against his belly.  With my toe pressed against his throbbing head I ran my other toe up and down his groaning shaft.

I unzipped my shorts and slid my hand inside my tights. I was wet already, I was getting off on making his fantasy become a reality.

I took his cock between my feet, my heels pressed against his head, the soles feeling the thickness of his arousal. Slowly I began to stroke him as I pleasured myself with my own fingers.

“Keep drawing” I teased as I begun to stroke him a little faster.  I could not see his face but I imagined the look of pleasure on it. I knew he was enjoying this – I could sense it and that feeling drove my fingers deeper into my pussy.

I varied the speed and touch of my strokes. He was between my arches, then my heels or he was sliding between my silky soles – he liked that one.

I could hear his breathing become heavier. I felt his cock throb with pleasure through my nylons which had become moist from drops of his precum; up at the other end they were drenched from the attention I was giving to myself.

He was close – so was I. “Stand up” I instructed him and angled his cock towards the canvas as I increased the speed of my strokes.

He dropped his pencil and gripped my ankles, holding my feet in place while he thrust wildly between them. The sound of his pleasure as he fucked my feet made me rub my clit harder.

I could feel my orgasm building and I knew he that his frenzied thrusting was about to reach a climax. He wanted this moment to last, to be between my feet for as long as he could but the urge to release was becoming too strong.

The feeling of the pleasure I was giving him coupled with the erotic familiarity of my own touch was enough to bring me to orgasm which in turn caused Daniel to lose control and after a final few thrusts he came.

The canvas obscured my view of him ejaculating but I could hear his pleasure satisfyingly splash onto it, drops dripping on my feet and legs.

He stayed between my feet until he was empty and limp then slumped back into his chair. I stood up and walked over to him, feeling the dampness of his deposit with every step.

I leant over him to view the sketch, it was half my face embossed with the conclusion of our foot fun; thick streams of his cum still sliding down the canvas.

“Looks nothing like me” I joked, kissing him on the top of the head.

My remaining time at university was shared between exams and indulging in Daniel’s nylon fetish. This balance kept both sides of my personality satisfied.

Soon it was time to bid farewell to university and return back home to London; however I would be bringing someone back with me.

Not Daniel. That horny artist went back home up North, the long distance between us signalling the end of our relationship.

No, it was Horny Lina who would be returning with me. Newly evolved and ready for the next experience. All I had to do was control her.

With University finished it’s time to go Home

The Evolution of Selina – Part One

I was quite sexually active during my years at university. However like with Mr First Time my early experiences did not leave me truly satisfied.

For me something was missing, the acts I performed were for the gratification of whoever I was with. We don’t need to go through them in any real detail but they mostly consisted of handjobs, blowjobs and quickies.

Neither are the people, whom I performed these acts with, relevant to this part of my story – my evolution.  A few are probably worth mentioning;

Mr Talkative 

I hooked up with this guy who just simply loved to talk – before, during and after sex. It wouldn’t be sexual talk either just really mundane stuff interspersed with the odd acknowledgement of what I was doing.

So there I would be sucking his cock as he would be holding a conversation with me;

“So this weekend I’m going to the lake. Mm yes that is good Selina. The lake is beautiful at this time of year. You really should come along. Would you like to?”

I would normally give some muffled response. Not that I could get a word in, the only time he shut up was when he was about to cum. It would be like;

” We will probably take the boat out, there is the wonderful spot just along the river bank which……. Ahhh…. is wonderful for a picnic”

Mr Silent 

Conversely there was this guy who never said a bloody word. I’m not sure if he were training to be a ninja or something but he’d lay there deathly silent as I sucked him.

He was by no means the first cock I had sucked & I was confident in my technique & ability but even I had to double check everything was okay.

I’d look over his cock to check he was still alive, flicking at his balls for any sign of life. When he acknowledged I sat up and like an inexperienced lover asked him if this was okay, that I was doing it right.  His response was to give me a thumbs up!  When he eventually came he would  let out a little sigh as if he were watching a puppy play for the first time.

Gamer Dude 

This guy actually deserves a lot more credit than being a mere footnote in my sexual life because he was the first real step in my evolution.

Gamer Dude was a very fit, black guy. He had cornrows and a small whispy chin beard.  I had seen him around campus and we knew each other well enough to say hello but nothing more.

Then one day I was in the local shopping centre. It was my brother’s birthday and I was looking to get him a video game.  Gamer Dude approached me and saw I was buying the latest Call of Duty.

“That’s not a girl’s game – all the cute animal ones are over there” he said.

I smiled, ignoring his casual sexism and replied ‘Fuck you, kick your arse on these games any day”.

He laughed, “Prove it.”

So with the challenge accepted I would hook up with him every Thursday. Initially it was just to play video games and eat pizza but before long we were having sex.

At first sex with Gamer Dude was good – really good. He was by far the most well-endowed and proficient lover I had. Indeed, it was the first time I had experienced the delights of a black cock.

Despite being blessed with such a powerful weapon of pleasure he was not arrogant with it. He didn’t have me begging on my knees for a taste of his dark meat.

He would finish his game which normally involved him winning a big battle & like a triumphant warrior return home and have his woman.

Fuck me oh mighty warrior for I am yours. 

It was fun at first but quickly became stale. It just became part of our Thursday night gaming routine – pizza, game, sex.

Any initial passion disappeared and sex was no longer a prize he craved for a battle well fought; he seemed to get more excited when one of those stupid achievements popped up on his screen.

“Well done honey you killed all those bad guys.  Let me suck your cock” 

“Yes killed five enemies with a single grenade… Sorry did you say something?” 

It even got to the point where he would play on a game for so long that he would announce he was too tired for any sexual activity that night.

My Thursday night hook up was becoming boring & when I get bored I get horny and when I get horny I get naughty.

On this particular Thursday night he had become obsessed with playing online multiplayer on a particular game – I recall it was Halo. He had barely acknowledged my existence and I had resolved to end these Thursday night hook ups but, of course,  with one final sexy goodbye. It would, after all, be rude of me not to kiss that beautiful black cock goodbye.

I watched as he and his faceless band of merry men tried to capture a flag for what seemed the hundredth time. I was getting bored and knew he would not be turning this game off anytime soon.

I stared at his groin and  began to crave what was hidden beneath his sweatpants. I reached over and caressed his flaccid cock through the material.

“Not now Selina” he said slapping my hand away. But I persisted and I could feel his cock grow.

He flashed me a look and firmly said “No!” I could hear the tinny sound of his merry men emanating from his headset querying his exclamation.

I queried it too. His mouth was telling me one thing but his cock that bulged from his sweatpants told me something else. I chose to listen to the latter.

I unfurled his waistband to release his glorious penis. He was already erect when I took him in my hand. He felt harder than before and  spent time tracing every large vein of his huge member with my finger.

I playfully ran my tongue up the full length of his cock and admired how my saliva glistened on the darkness of his thick shaft.

I wrapped my lips round the brown head which expanded as if it were breathing. He was beginning to become distracted and I could hear the distorted sounds of concern from his team mates

“Hey man are you OK?”

“Dude are you with us?” 

No, he was with me and I begun my oral descent down his thick dark cock. He filled my mouth and I took him inside me inch by inch. I could feel his head brush up to the back of my throat depositing drops of precum – a salty thank you to such an hospitable host.

I bobbed my head up and down as he desperately tried to continue playing his game. Stifling his moans; his voice cracking as he tried to communicate with his team.

I lifted my head up from his cock, taking a deep satisfying breath of air. Saliva dripped down my mouth. His eyes firmly on the screen, his cock standing proud.

I took a condom from my purse and bent over to sheath his rigid cock. I looked up at him and he broke away from the screen to offer a weak shake of his head. But he was past the point of any real resistance.

I straddled him and begun to impaled myself on his rigid cock. It had never felt so hard & as I slowly lowered myself upon him I let out a satisfying high pitched yelp.  I looked him in the eye as he filled my pussy. I could sense a dark brooding passion but he broke eye contact to move his head to the side & concentrate on the screen.

I  slowly rocked back and forth, panting into his ear whilst in his other he could hear his team mates.

“Dude what the fuck are you doing” 

“Concentrate man” 

“Do you have a dog?” 

I started to ride him harder, my pussy rising over his shaft before slamming back down with a satisfying wet slap.

“The enemy has captured the flag. Go. Go. Go” 

It felt like I was riding a different cock. He had been inside me many times but it never felt so good. Every slide down his rigid pole felt more intense. Then I realised – he  was getting off on this.

It wasn’t so much the thought that his cock was so desirable that he hardly had to move a muscle to have a girl jump on it but it was something else.

He knew from our previous Thursday nights that all he had to do was, turn the game off and give me the nod.

This had nothing to do with me – it was them, his merry band of men. He knew none of them at that present moment currently had a girl sliding up and down their cock.

He was their Alpha. Their Master Chief and it aroused him.

I dug my nails into his shoulders as I rode him hard. I could sense he was about to cum. He dropped his controller and gripped me hard pounding deep inside me causing me to let out a moan of pleasure.

He rose from the sofa and announced each jet of hot cum that crashed against the protective sheath with a powerful thrust.  I screamed in delight – my own personal acknowledgement of his achievement.

With both of us breathless he lowered me gently onto the floor. I handed him back his controller and with his cock still twitching he returned to his game.

During the passionate finale his headset had been on and his merry men all experienced the climatic showdown.

“Dude were you just fucking a girl?” 

“You are the fucking man!” 

“What’s up with your dog, man?” 

All hail the Master Chief.

That night had all the right ingredients – spontaneity, passion and that something else. I’d given him something that he wanted, that he desired whether he knew it or not.

I don’t know whether during our previous hook ups he had hoped I would just jump on his cock whilst he was playing a game but it aroused him – like nothing had done before.

It was his fantasy, his desire and I had facilitated that. It was I who made that happen. That feeling of given someone what they want… what they truly desired aroused me.

I may not have reached the powerful orgasm I long craved but it took me so close.

As I lay naked on his floor watching him finish his game & accepting the plaudits of his sex starved compatriots I reconciled that this is how it would be from now on.

I was not going to be a convenient hole to satisfy a moment of horniness. I did not want my mouth or pussy to become nothing more than a masturbatory aid for the horny men needing release.

I wanted to feel that connection. That desire. I wanted to make people’s fantasies come to life.

Selina – The Fantasy Giver.

As I lay there I could not think of anything that could possibly go wrong with submitting to someone else’s fantasies.

Nope – could not see any problem with this plan at all!

The Evolution continues.

The Origin of Selina 

So as you begin your journey through the murky  waters of my dirty mind like any story we need to start at the beginning.

I know origin stories are dull as with any super hero movie you just want to jump straight into the action.

Not that I am suggesting I am a super hero – I did make a guy cum in his pants after only 15 seconds of rubbing once but I think that was more down to his weakness than any power I possess.

Thank you Handjob Girl you have saved the city once more with your quick wrist and supple fingers

We can skip through my early life quite quickly.  I had a normal, happy childhood.  No angst or issues here. It was all perfectly pleasant.

I am the youngest child and have three brothers. I got my bad habits of alcohol & swearing from my Dad, my attractiveness from my mother (who was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen) and my love of comics, horror movies & video games from my brothers.

It was quite cramped in our house so I would spend a lot of time in my room.  It was there that I would retreat to my mind.

Obviously when I was younger it was an innocent place. I’d read the latest Batman comic and then just imagine what it would be like to go on adventures with the caped crusader.

As I progressed through my teenage years the fantasy turned a lot more.. dirty.

Age 8 – Batman : Thank you Selina for helping me save Gotham from the evil of the Joker. 

Ten years later – Batman : Thank you Selina for… What are you doing? Why are you getting on your knees and …ohhh I see.. Is that Catwoman you are sitting on?

As I progressed towards womanhood the innocence of my mind had all but eroded.

Growing up in the age of the Internet I had unfettered access to any kink or perversion I was curious about. Not that I watched much porn; maybe the odd video and I probably obsessed a little too much over Hentai. However my main source were erotic stories.

I would read the explicitly described acts being carried with  my hand wandering  down between my legs. I would close my eyes and imagine that I was the woman in whatever story I was reading.

The scenes would appear in my mind so vividly; it was almost as if it were happening to me.  My mouth would get wet at the thought of a passionate kiss or my nipples would harden as I imagined them being sucked. I would arch my back and let out a breathless moan as I pictured with startling clarity a cock entering me; pushing my fingers deep inside me, attempting to mimic the feel of the girth as it moved past my swollen, wet lips.

I never had any sex toys and would have to improvise should I require something more than my fingers – a particular Catwoman statue I had on my bedside table proved very useful.

I would move around the bed and act out the positions my lovers would have me in – from behind, me on top, on my back with legs high in the air.

I was controlling the action – the speed of the thrusts, the intensity. My pleasure was not dependent on the experience & adequacy of someone else but simply by the limitations of my imagination; and when it came to erotic pleasure my imagination seemed to have no limits.

Fuelled by the erotic stories I read,  night after night my imaginary host would bring me to a shuddering climax. They were intense orgasms, legs shaking as a bit hard down on the pillow to muffle the sound of my pleasure.

The pleasure of my mind kept me fulfilled and I was adequately satisfied to not rush out and experience the actual physical act.

Besides I had found that with three brothers and a Dad that looked like he would murder anyone for just looking at his daughter boys just didn’t seem comfortable coming round.

It’s not that I didn’t do anything – a few handjobs & blow jobs here & there. These quick fumbles providing more pleasure to the recipient than myself.

I was 19 before I finally had sex. Away at university I could experience what had been playing out in my mind for so long.  To have physical pleasure and not have the guy lose his erection & run away because he thought he heard my Dad walking up the path!

Like many, my first time was not that special. If it weren’t for the necessity of recording such a milestone it would not really feature.

I can’t even remember his name, he was cute and had a fit body. I think he was in one of the university’s sports teams. We had met at a party, the usual flirting and then back to his place.

There was to be no seduction, I hadn’t even got my coat off before he was all over me. His hands pawing at my breasts & gripping my arse.  I could feel how aroused he was as he grinded up against me.

This was my first time and I should have been nervous but I wasn’t. The alcohol probably helped but those many times in my bedroom… in my head… I had experienced this moment over and over.

I slowly lowered myself down and unzipped his trousers releasing him.  I ran my finger up his shaft and began to gently kiss it.  I moved up to his throbbing purple head, my intention was to tease him with my tongue. His intention was to shove it straight in my mouth.

As he unceremoniously rocked back and forth inside my mouth I concluded that my first time was not going to be what I had imagined.  This was not to be my story but his.

My tongue wrapped around his advancing member & my hands gripped at his arse cheeks, my nails digging into his skin. A battle for control over this sensual encounter was occurring but I was losing the battle.

He pulled away, clearly wishing to avoid spilling his load so early in proceedings.

“Whoa!” he said “Not so fast.” Slightly patronising from the guy who had touched my body only moments before as if he were modelling something from play doh real quick.

He suggested we get naked. No erotic removal of each other’s clothes. He even seemed a bit put out when I asked him to help with my zip on my dress. No gently kissing my neck as he slowly pulled the zip down letting the dress fall to the floor. Nope, he flustered away at the zip and worried he could lose arousal suggested I jerk him off while he unzips me.

Eventually we were naked, his cock stood proud and he told me to turn around. There was no eroticism in his command, it was if he had given up on the idea of sex and just wanted to play a game of hide and seek.

He told me to bend over and I assumed he was was going to explore my pussy with his tongue. Many times I had been in my bedroom and felt a warm tongue run along my lips to my bud and….. No he was just going to stick his cock in me.

I say stick it in me, it was not the smoothest of entries. He kind of prodded around the back of me. I swear at one point he got his phone so he could use the light to find his way; either that or he was consulting Google Maps where to locate  it.

Eventually he was inside me. I let out a moan as I felt him enter. Admittedly I had felt more pleasure feeling my Catwoman statue enter me.

He started off slow, gently rocking his hips. I moved slowly back & forth onto his cock which to his credit was impressively hard. However he told me to stop doing that and so I just rested on my elbows, arse in the air somewhat confused as to what part I play in all of this.

He began to pick up speed and soon his thrusts were wild and he clearly was enjoying himself back there.

Physically I was aroused, the quickness of his thrusts meant that by the law of averages he’d hit the right spot every now and then. But in my mind I was bored. I realised that all this was for his pleasure not mine. I was just a vessel – this was his experience, not mine.. Not ours.

I could hear him and feel him bang away at the back of me and any wonder how long he could keep it up was quickly answered as he moaned heavy and with several exaggerated thrusts shot his load into the protective sheath.

There was to be no bringing me to orgasm or an intimate cuddle. He lay on his bed exhausted and breathlessly gave me directions out of his house. When I raised an eyebrow his eyes lit up & he said ‘Unless you want to do it again later’.

I got dressed and left. Walking back to my room I wondered if this were to be my physical sex life. That I would just be a receptacle for someone else’s horny desires.

Had my imagination created a high threshold that no one could physically achieve? As I climbed into bed I laughed ‘For fuck sake Lina you are over thinking things – the first time is always shit’. 

I turned and grabbed my Catwoman statue and closing my eyes and begun to experience what that night should have been like….

Now go experience my Evolution

The Mind of Selina 

Well, you’ve got this far. Hello, welcome to the door to my mind.

Before you turn the handle and enter I must warn you  things can get pretty hot in there. So if you are under 18 or uncomfortable with talk about sexual desires & acts, you best move away from the door… Just ignore the screams of pleasure coming from behind it.

If you are still here then let me show you around my mind.  Take a deep breath, turn the handle and come in. Be warned though you may not want to leave.

To the left are my memories, those naughty things I have actually done. Some I am proud of.. Some not so. This will be my confessional because you want to know the things I have done, right?

To the right are my fantasies.  My wants. My desires.  Those things that cause me to touch myself. They could become your desires as well.

You would have noticed the doors to my confessions & fantasies are damaged. The sexual desires & memories seeping out creating a wet mess on the floor.  Be careful, it can be slippery when wet.

Those desires & acts have been flooding out of there for some time like a raging waterfall; the defences I built to keep them at bay were not strong enough.

Dive in… Don’t worry it’s warm. Swim around, the deeper you go the hotter it will be.

What’s those two doors towards the back? Well, that one there is where I keep all my memories & feelings about someone special, I call her my Pixie Princess. I’ll tell you about her, don’t worry. When you learn about her you’ll understand why I keep her away from the constant flow of my sexual desires and experience.

The last door is me.  The me everyone knows. Shy Lina, Dependable Lina, Boring Lina. Those who know me would suffer instant shock if they even dipped a toe in the waters you are about to dive into.

The real me cannot merge with the slutty, sleazy me. Not a drop of these horny waters can mix with the very respectable life I have built.

The calm, still lake of my existence only inches away from the chaotic waves of my desire that crash against the wall I have built to protect the real me.

But is  that very respectable 27 year old English girl the real me? I think we know the answer.  Those waters you stand beside will show you who I really am.

So strip off & dive in…..the water is lovely!

Ready for my Origin?