A Song Of Bryce & Tyler : Part One

“Is anyone sitting here?”

These were the first words that Tyler said to Bryce.

Bryce looked up from her tablet and was curious by the question he had posed. She knew she was pretty, her baby blue eyes and blonde hair seemed to attract a lot of attention. This inquisitive gentleman was no different to the others.

However, it wasn’t so much his reasoning for asking the question but more the fact there was actually someone sitting there – a delightful old lady sipping on camomile tea while doing a sudoku puzzle.

She stared into his dark brown eyes and smiled as he lowered him. He was either shy or just taking the moment to glance at her cleavage, either way he wasn’t blind.

She lowered her head and returned to looking at her tablet. Bryce could still feel him standing there and she playfully bit her lip to stifle a giggle.

She looked back up at him. He was handsome, there was no denying that. Athletic too. She watched as his muscles bulged from beneath his white t-shirt as he lifted the old lady up to move her to another table.

He then took the old lady’s place he had so desired next to Bryce and began making the usual small talk.

Bryce knew he was flirting but she had never been very good at that sort of thing. Her sister was far better at it than she was.

She appreciated that Tyler just wanted to get to know her but his incessant questioning started to irritate her.

What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun? What you reading?

She wanted to reply that he should just ask Facebook as they will tell him everything about her. However, he was remarkably cute so she indulged in responding to his questioning.

He offered his responses to his own questions which surprised Bryce because she hadn’t asked him to.

Despite expressing no interest in knowing anything about him she learned in that one coffee break that he worked in finance, he likes sports mainly football and he goes to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday.

Bryce did not know what to do with this information and just smiled, safe in the knowledge she would have forgotten all about his workout schedule by the morning.

After a while Tyler announced he needed to get back to work and bid her farewell with the words “I hope to see you around again.”

She watched him leave and whilst it may have seemed she was checking out his fine buttocks she was in fact ensuring he had left. She only had a few minutes left before she had to return to work and could do without another round of twenty questions.

Indeed, there was some frustration that super cute and brilliantly handsome Tyler had showed her attention. She had wanted to start reading the new novel she had purchased The Barbarian’s Wizard’s Wars of The Dragon’s Sword.

Since she was a child, Bryce had loved fairy tales. Those wonderful exciting stories of Princesses, Kings, Castles, Knights and Dragons.

As she got older she realised that she probably should read something a little more adult than her childhood fairy tales; besides she knew the stories by heart.

This particular novel had 4.7 stars out of 5 so it must be good. She had read the description which described it as a ‘great fantasy epic’.

There was nothing in the description to suggest that there was anything inappropriate. Just a more modern day way of telling fantastical tales of dragons and magic.

Bryce always read the description carefully before purchasing a book, ever since that time she bought ‘Dirty Doctor Takes The Nurse‘.

She had assumed that it was a medical thriller but it turned out to be a doctor having sex with a nurse. She later realised that the explicit content had been appropriately labelled in the description, Bryce had just neglected to read it; on reflection she did wonder why the nurse on the front cover was hardly wearing her uniform (which incidentally was no way a standard nursing outfit).

This time she had checked the description and nothing was marked inappropriate or mature. Besides the publisher was well known and as she understood it just people who self publish wrote that naughty stuff.

She had been looking forward to starting the novel during her lunchtime but the dreamy Tyler had ensured that was not possible. She would have to start it later that night.

Bryce loved reading and while her sister would be out partying, she would be tucked up in bed reading a romantic tale where the handsome knight saves the beautiful princess.

She sighed as she realised she had hours of work left before she could escape to that world of romance and chivalry.

Bryce would read until her eyes got heavy and she would fall asleep dreaming of that elusive Knight that would sweep her off her feet.

She begun to daydream and in her mind the Knight rode towards her on a beautiful stallion. As he approached she noted he was not wearing a helmet. He was still far away but she swore he resembled Tyler.

Her daydream was interrupted before she could see her romantic Knight in full view by the old lady returning to the table to get her tea and sudoku book.

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