A Song Of Bryce & Tyler : Part Four

“And where do you see yourself in five years?”

Bryce inwardly sighed at the question. She had wanted to be reading more of the fantasy novel but instead was stuck in a room being appraised.

Personal Development Plans, Goals, Objectives all designed by some maniac in Human Resources as a tick box exercise and an opportunity to spout some nonsensical phrases.

“So Bryce I really want to nail down your competency as a team player and measure your productivity for the benefit of our stakeholders”

She would have preferred not being asked a thousand different questions that effectively all asked ‘Are you good at your job’. She wanted to be back in Earthykinda.

The action had just moved to The D’Annimo family; they were the wizardy magic people.

To emphasise how wizardy they were a lot of time was spent by the author in having them talk in riddle and refer to a prophecy.

Bryce was used to prophecies in the fairy tales she read and invariably they would come true no matter how much someone tried to prevent it.

She always saw this as some sort of annoying spoiler right at the start of the book.

Bryce knew that a prophecy was just a posh word for a guess but supposed it wouldn’t sound all mysterious and fantastical if some wise old sage said “So I’m guessing that this child will rule all and bring peace to the kingdom. He might not, but if I’m right – Bonus!”

The prophecy in this story was that ‘Only the True Blood Prince can rule all of Earthykinda”

Therefore all the families now believed that they were the True Blood and all laid claim to the Throne of Earthykinda.

Now because this was fake olden days such claims would not be made through DNA analysis of blood or by going on a reality TV show. Nope. They were all going to beat the crap out of each other thus proving whoever was left standing must be the True Blood Prince.

The D’Annimo family were harbouring a baby that they believed to be the True Blood. The barbarian clan, The Toonidunzas, were trying to murder the child.

Of course, The D’Annimos were not having any of it and defended themselves with all manner of sorcery.

It struck Bryce that if this prophecy had come from the D’Annimos (seeing as they were wizards it made sense they were the ones who brought it up) then why didn’t they just say ‘The prophecy states this child will NOT be the True Blood Prince’.

Just throw in some self-defeating prophecies to throw the barbarians off the scent. Or slicing them in twain with magic fire blasts would also do the trick.

Bryce had wanted to read more but work had prevented her from doing so. Finally, after what seemed an age, her appraisal concluded.

“Well Bryce we are very impressed with your work and you could be looking at promotion in the near future”

Was that a prophecy?

‘I’ll take that pay rise wise old sage.’

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