The Movie Pitch Of Selina XII: The Overlord Unicorned Squirrels From Mars – Deleted Scene

Despite my ten part movie pitch being a well planned story with absolutely no plot holes in it whatsoever , there inevitably will always be the odd unresolved storyline.

For example, many may be wondering what happened to Doll? She was intended to be the love interest of the brilliant but flawed Detective Duprez and she was, as her name suggests, a fully functioning sex doll.

Her purpose in the movie was to give deeper meaning to Duprez. A device to explore the inner turmoil of this complicated man.

Yet the fact that Doll makes no further appearance after Part One has led to suspicions that I just included her for a laugh with no real intention of ever having a main character in love with a sex doll.

Indeed, when we have the emotional finale where Duprez’s ex wife is more than happy to forget about him being a total dick, many asked ‘But what about Doll? You’ve forgotten about Doll!’

Well, my loveable doubters, not so. As the following deleted scene shows the intention was for Doll to reveal a deeper, more sensitive side to Duprez.

The scene takes place after Duprez has visited the zoo. The audience knows the Unicorned Squirrels are nearby and they are cunning bastards.

Duprez returns home to his flat. As he approaches the front door he notices it’s slightly open. His brilliant instincts kick in and he takes out his gun.

Slowly pushing the door open he enters. It’s dark. He reaches for the light switch but there is no power (now that could be due to the sinister squirrels or the fact that he’s not paid his electricity bill – Duprez don’t give a shit about energy bills).

In the gloominess of his flat he calls out “Hello? Anybody there?….Doll?”

Now just pausing there for a moment. I know you’re thinking ‘hang on, Doll is a plastic sex doll. Why call out to her, she wouldn’t be able to reply’.

Well, maybe Doll is a high end sex doll. You know, one of those expensive ones that is able to say 27 phrases in 4 different languages. Or perhaps such is the relationship with Duprez and Doll they have some spiritual connection.

Anyway, Duprez carefully explores his dark flat. Plenty of jump scare opportunities. As he walks forward something flashes behind him – there’s a squirrel in his flat!

He slowly walks through the flat that seems much larger than it ought to be.

Duprez opens a cupboard. A crash of music. It’s okay it’s just an ironing board.

He moves into the bedroom and there in silhouette is Doll. Is she alright?

Duprez nears closer “Doll?”

No answer.

He gets closer to her “Doll?”

Still no answer.

He finally reaches her and in the moonlight it is revealed that….She is alright. Phew!

Happy with Doll’s well-being Duprez seemingly forgets that his door was open. Maybe he just forgot to close it.

Holstering his gun he turns and a Unicorned Squirrel leaps at him. The brilliant reflexes of Duprez means he evades the attack.

A struggle ensues as the squirrel attempts to kill Duprez with many items of furniture being knocked over.

Duprez is cornered, he can’t move and the squirrel bastard launches itself at him for one final fatal attack and…

At the last moment Doll falls into the path of the squirrel, it’s horn piercing the plastic flesh of Duprez’s lover.

Duprez is able to find time to get his gun and shoot the squirrel dead. He immediately moves to Doll and takes her in his arms.

“Doll!!! Doll speak to me” he cries cradling his plastic partner.

The distorted sound of Doll’s 27 phrases crackles through as the high pitched squeal of deflation rings round the dimly lit flat.

“Yeh. That’s it give it to me big boy”

“Doll. Stay with me.”

“Oooh harder. You’re so big”

“I’ve got you Doll. I’ve always got you”

“Faster. Mmmm. Faster”

Duprez desperately searches around in the upturned drawers for the puncture repair kit. The sound of deflation tortures him. With tears in his eyes he finds it and makes a desperate final attempt to save Doll.

“Stay with me Doll” he pleads

“I’m cumming” comes the distorted reply

“No. Stay out of the light”

“I’m cumming”

“No Doll”

Duprez manages to attach the puncture repair patch but it’s too late. The wound is too large and the silly little bit of circular tape too small.

Doll is dead.

The camera pans out to the sight of Duprez sobbing as he cradles his fallen lover.

It was difficult to remove this scene as it added another emotional layer to Duprez and everyone likes a jaded cop on a revenge mission style story.

However the pacing of the movie required it to be removed.

Although it could be stuck in to the Ultimate Edition Blu Ray release when cynically you want to make more money from this.

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