Tell Me You Love Me – The Opening

Recently I pitched a TV series called Ghosts Annoy Her. Since writing it has somewhat evolved.

Provisionally it’s now called Tell Me You Love Me and remains a supernatural tale with the main character being a girl in her mid 20s (although someone in their 30s who can still so pass for 25 will still work).

Unlike my previous ‘pitches’ I just thought I would draft out a few scenes that keep playing around in my head. You know out of my head and into yours.

The opening scene is a seemingly romantic one. Our MC and some gorgeous guy walking hand in hand in the park, followed by a romantic meal and then a glass of wine on a sofa.

He leans in to kiss her and she reciprocates and with their lips almost touching he whispers ‘I love you’. She recoils slightly, a momentary look and then a smile appears as behind the guy a dark mist forms.

It swirls round him, briefly taking a human form before smothering the guy and when the mist disperses the guy lays still, ashen…the life drained from him. The mist disappears.

Our MC stares at his lifeless body, running a thumb over her lips he was just kissing before getting up. It is clear they were in the guy’s apartment and she starts taking cash, jewellery and his mobile before exiting the apartment.

After the open credits we experience a brief dream of the MC. She is standing next to a tree while a guy gets on his knee looking like he is getting ready to propose. We see no more of this dream as in true cinematic style she sits bolt up right, breathing heavy.

We follow her to the kitchen. Her flat is the polar opposite to the lavish apartment we first saw her in. It’s small, grubby and untidy.

She pours herself a coffee and turns on a tiny television. Emptying her bag on to the kitchen side, separating the money and jewellery into three piles. She puts two piles in separate bags and turns her attention to the phone.

As she thumbs through the photos of her and the now deceased gentleman a news report plays in the background;

And the city was rocked today by news that Millionaire Peter Connors was found dead in his apartment this morning. Initial reports suggest natural causes and no foul play is suspected. Whilst a successful businessman Mr Connors had recently been dogged with rumours following implication in the Riletech scandal.

She begins to delete the photos and messages before turning to the TV as CEO of Riletech – Matteus Riley – is giving a statement, mourning the loss of his colleague. She stares intently, with a look of hate in her eyes as the camera zooms into Matteus Riley.

She turns off the TV and focuses on a battered laptop on the table. She clicks on the ‘Riletech Personnel Page’.

The opening concludes as we follow a Detective into the apartment of the now deceased Peter Connors. The rooms are bustling with Police officers, forensic team and the coroner.

Detective : Any idea on time of death?

Coroner: My preliminary estimate is between 11 pm – 2 am.

Detective: And cause of death?

Coroner: Not seen anything suspicious but I will carry out a full autopsy. It looks to me like heart failure

Detective (to an officer): Who found him?

Officer: His cleaner, this morning.

Detective: Strange

Officer: How so?

Detective: Two glasses. Half drunk. Seems someone else was here that night. Have some officers do door to door to see if they noticed anyone leave last night……and check CCTV

Officer: But it’s natural causes and….

Detective: Just do it. Something doesn’t feel right here.

And that concludes the opening. Intrigued?

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