The Awakening of Selina 

Introducing Steven to my alter-ego Horny Lina may have saved our relationship but it came at a price. He wanted more.

They always want more.

I did not blame him for this. No sooner had I slid off his cock after riding him hard, I was practically inviting him to do whatever else he wanted.

In the days that followed he seemed distracted, probably unsure if my invitation to experiment was real, mixed with a sense of arousal as to what he could experience.

He was coy at first perhaps not wishing to frighten me into the timid girl on her back again. They begun as subtle requests – he would buy me specific lingerie that he would like me to wear and often he would throw in lines such as ‘Could you do that thing you did the other night’.

His pursuit of his own sexual happiness meant that mine was to be neglected. Unless his fantasy required it,  any real foreplay for me was not part of the plan. Occasionally he would slip a finger inside if I was sucking him,  but I felt that was more to give his hands something to do; it was like my pussy was an erotic fidget spinner.

I was not overly concerned that our sex life now revolved solely around Steven’s pleasure. After all, it was I who had planted that seed of possibility in his head.

I felt a degree of enjoyment in fulfilling his sexual desires. I was a more than willing participant and I felt a different form of satisfaction than the elusive earth-shattering orgasm I had been seeking; it was more a carnal contentment, a pleasure derived from performing the act however good it may have been.

There was, of course, a part of me that was not totally thrilled by how our relationship had developed – Sensible Selina.  She now stood at the back of stage as Horny Lina took centre. It was Lina that was lavishing the praise and admiration of Steven and all Selina could do was watch helplessly, unable to intervene, her dreams of her perfect life fading away.

She could still have the theatre and days out but they had become a way for Steven to pass the time before he could indulge in his next desire. Often he would become impatient and distracted, his mind clearly elsewhere.

“What do you mean there is another Act to this play. I’m horny. Look it’s Shakespeare they all die. Now let’s go and fuck”

Even when we went out to a meal,  he would eat his food so fast as if he was trying to break the world record for the quickest time to eat three courses.

“Selina come on I’ve nearly finished my dessert and you’ve not touched your starter. I want to go home and have sex. Nooowww”.

The walks in the park continued but now the trees no longer provided a romantic backdrop to a loving kiss; instead they were cover for whatever sexual act Steven wanted.

Soon, his suggestions were no longer said with any coyness but uttered as someone might suggest trying out a new restaurant.

‘Tonight darling I think we should try anal. I’ve heard it’s rather good. Judith at Number 42 highly recommends it’ 

This development of course was not what Sensible Selina expected. She knew that picture perfect life of a detached home with a garden and perfect kids was now impossible.

Even if we did marry and have children it was unlikely that Steven’s horniness would disappear.

Mummy why do we have to stay at Aunt Susan’s? ” 

“Cos your Daddy wants to tie up and spank Mummy again sweetie… Now eat your corn flakes” 

Then one day, in the usual casual  manner he announced his latest fantasy to be fulfilled.

“I think we should have a threesome”

I lifted my head up from where moments before I had been servicing his penis and replied “Sorry? What?”

“Threesome” he repeated, a horny glint in his eye as the word rolled off his tongue.

“What? Me, you and another guy” I enquired.

“Absolutely not!” He said, his eyes indicating I needed to return to what I was doing previously “I mean with another woman.”

Of course Steven wanted a threesome with me and a yet undetermined female. It made perfect sense. It was Male Fantasy 101. I was surprised he hadn’t brought up sooner.

Strangely, although I had read about many threesomes in erotica I had not had any specific fantasies about them. Likewise, I had not given much thought to being with a woman.

Perhaps my mind had drifted occasionally towards the curiosity of feeling the sweet caress of another female. At University I had even shared the odd prolonged drunken kiss but it never went any further.

Then there was the practicalities of this suggestion. Steven had been particularly vague about how this threesome was going to happen.

Was he expecting me to go out and find a girl? Just randomly walk into a bar and ask?

Hey hun…. Oooh nice shoes… Would you like to come and have sex with me and my boyfriend?”

Perhaps the potential difficulties in arranging this naughty collaboration even put Steven off, even despite how eager he had been for this to occur.

Then one day as it neared to his birthday he announced that as a present for himself he had arranged for this threesome to happen. He was still a little vague on details, only that we would be spending a night at a nearby hotel.  Indeed, little more was said about it, although as the day got nearer there was a growing excitement within him.

It became very clear that Steven had planned every moment as to what would occur, yet he failed to pass on any details to me.

When we arrived at the hotel room and unpacked he laid out on the bed the items he wished me to wear – a silk negligee that barely covered my arse and black lace top thigh high stockings.

Whilst waiting for our unknown guest to arrive I chose to polish off a bottle of wine, my plan was to replace nervousness with drunkenness.

Any anxiety I felt was not helped by Steven excitedly pacing the room, checking his watch repeatedly.  Eventually there was a knock at the door and he almost leapt towards it, opening it up to reveal a beautiful woman on the other side.

She must have been a similar age to me. She had long light brown hair, that curled round at her ample breasts. She wore a short black dress with stockings and heels.


Steven presented her with a small glass of wine, muttering something about there being another bottle somewhere. She elegantly walked towards me and sat down, crossing her long silky legs.

“You must be Selina” she said, her voice had a slight regional accent but I could not be clear exactly where from.  “You are such a sweetie” she continued, placing her manicured hand on my knee.

I muttered some words of thanks as I looked down at my now empty wine glass, my finger running up and down the stem.

She placed one of her hands on mine and leaned in “Is this your first time with a woman” she whispered.

I nodded and lowered my head to stare intently at my glass. I felt her finger under my chin as she raised my head to face her. She moved closer and kissed me gently. Her lips were so soft, the kiss so tender that I instinctively closed my eyes; my senses alive to the aroma of her perfume and taste of her lipstick.

She slowly pulled away and smiled but I found her lips drawing me back in closer and without thought I returned for another taste of her lips. The second kiss was more passionate, our tongues passing each other in an oral dance as they made their way into the warmth of the other’s mouth.

It felt beautiful and at that moment I would have gladly just spent the rest of the evening kissing this mysterious beauty.

“Woaa! Ladies. Don’t start without me” exclaimed Steven.

The woman pulled away giggling. Inside I was just thinking ‘fuck off Steven’.

She approached him and asked ‘So what would you like to do first”

“Well” he replied clapping his hands together “I thought you and Selina could… erm… be together and we will go from there.”

She smiled “No problem. You’re paying for it.”

I, of course, had suspected she was an escort. There was simply no way that Steven’s over enthusiastic bumbling would have managed to convince a regular girl to participate.

Secretly I was impressed by his choice. She was certainly one of those top end, high class escorts; this night would be costing him a pretty penny.

She turned her back so Steven could unzip her dress which she allowed to fall to the floor.  She kept her heels on as she returned to join me on the bed.

She immediately returned to kissing me, breaking away briefly to whisper in my ear “Just relax. Follow my lead”

I was hesitant, my inexperience of being with a woman clearly on display as I sat their frozen, not knowing what to do with my hands.

If she had been a guy my hands would be touching  all the right places but with her I was unsure. She embraced me and it felt unnatural, yet at the same time there was the growing feeling of arousal.

I was becoming lost by the tenderness of her kisses, the touch of her hand on my bare skin as it ran down my arm awoke every nerve in my body.

I had never experienced this feeling with any guy before and my nervousness was becoming replaced by desire; my hands reciprocating the same pattern over her body.

The intensity of the kissing increased, our bodies conjoined in passion moved to the centre of the bed.  I was dizzy with lust, unaware of my surroundings, only caring about this beautiful woman that I was entwined with. It was perfect. Nothing could spoil this moment.

“The breasts. Play with each other breasts”


I glanced over at Steven who was already in a state of arousal. Clearly he believed he was directing some porno. I suppose he had paid for all of this but still….. fucking annoying!

The woman sat up and expertly unhooked her bra, playfully throwing it over to Steven. I looked up at her, from my angle her breasts seemed huge. She lowered the straps of my negligee and pulled them down revealing my perky smaller breasts.

She lowered herself down on top of me, our breasts rubbing against each other. I could feel my nipples harden as hers circled them.  I could feel the moisture building in my panties as she rubbed her thigh against my covered pussy.

I was breathing heavily, small moans of pleasure occasionally rising from my throat as I submitted myself to the pleasure this woman was providing. I did not want this feeling to end.

“Play with her pussy”


Her fingers curled round my panties and tugged them down. She spread her legs, running her slender fingers over my thigh. I arched my back and moaned as her fingers entered my wetness, she playfully bit my lip as I panted with pleasure.

I writhed on the bed, my hips following the motion of her finger as it explored the circumference of my wet lips before exploring deeper inside me.

Every lap round sent waves of pleasure to flow around my body. I could feel my orgasm building, I could sense the feeling of that mind blowing completion I had so desperately craved. I…

“Lick her pussy.  69”


She removed her finger from inside me and I let out a whimper which almost sounded like ‘Don’t go’. She stood up and took off her panties revealing her beautifully shaved pussy.

Moving to my head she straddled me and in the shadow of her thighs I could see her lips, tantalisingly hanging slightly down.  My view became clearer as she lowered herself down until I could see nothing…. Only feel.

I hesitantly explored the darkness with my tongue. Deprived of sight my other senses rewarded as I tasted her sweetness.  My tongue returning for more as she rotated on my face.

I then felt something alien between my legs, the softness of a female tongue.  She retraced the journey her fingers had made only moments before. This time the pleasure was increased.

I had been close to orgasm with just her fingers and I knew that it would not be long now.  I could the pleasure of her tongue and of her breath,  blowing gently on the beads of moisture that formed.

If Steven was talking like some horny teenager I could not hear him; her thighs providing the perfect solitude to his incessant talking.

I wanted this feeling to last forever, spend eternity in a never ending cycle of this gratification .  It was intense, that perfect moment when your mind and body combine, each perfectly reacting to one another as every nerve, every cell is bathed in the flow of pleasure that moved up my body.

It would be wonderful to remain in that perpetual state of bliss but one cannot.  I reluctantly surrendered to the finale of this thrill.

I came hard.   My body shuddered as pleasure flowed from between my legs into the gracious mouth of my host.  I roared my loud approval inside her.

During my orgasm I had no concept of time or place. I could have been anywhere. The final throes of my desire seemed to go on forever. Maybe I was going to be afforded this permanent bliss.

Then it was over.  I was returned to the light as she emerged off me. I rolled over, still breathing hard, my eyes closed, desperate to savour every moment.  I had never experienced this feeling at the touch of someone else. It was perfect and…

Then Steven stuck his cock in my mouth.

Hard from the show he had been directing he thrusted back and forth. Still exhausted I could not move, my mind and body still discussing what they had just experienced.

Then he was out of my mouth as quickly as he had entered. The sound of my own blood flowing through my head I could make out the faint noise of wet slapping and Steven’s over enthusiastic groaning.

He was fucking the escort!

I probably should have been concerned. Maybe I should have said something but I lay there content.. satisfied.

As my eyes became heavy and I was rocked into gently slumber by the movement of the bed I did not see it as a problem.

I know I ought to have but little did I know then I was going to have a much bigger problem.

Steven fucking another woman that could destroy our relationship.

This other problem on the horizon could destroy everything.

Up next…..Shame

The Courtship Of Selina 

I needed a boyfriend.

It had nothing to do with sex but more to do with my perfect plan for the perfect life.

In a short time I had obtained a good job, place of my own and a loyal group of friends. All that was needed was a boyfriend to complete the set.

To Sensible Selina it made sense – the perfect boyfriend to live with her in the perfect house, to be there when she comes home from her perfect job. They would get engaged and have the perfect wedding and eventually raise a family of perfect children.

It would be, well, perfect.

It was everything I had imagined since I first stepped foot in school and realised this was the life I wanted to live.

I never really had a boyfriend before, perhaps the closest was Daniel,  the artist from university. However, that always had a feeling of being temporary but I now wanted something more permanent.

I was on the hunt.

It wasn’t Horny Lina on the hunt, she just wants to find someone she can devour to satisfy her burning hunger. No, I – Sensible Selina – would be doing the hunting.

There was a slight problem in that I’d never actually tried to find a boyfriend before. Either I had no interest in this pursuit or I would simply unleash Horny Lina.

I didn’t want to use Lina to find a boyfriend. It’s true that her scent could lure the guys to me but it was questionable whether those caught in the snare would be boyfriend material.

The guys Horny Lina attracted normally did not stick around once they got what they wanted. Those who did return had a high expectation of the level of sexual gratification they would receive. That was not how I would wish my relationship to begin or indeed continue.

I desired that normal relationship that other people seemed to have. Of course  I wanted the physical side to be good. I wanted it to be passionate but, dare I say it, I wanted it to be loving.

I wanted him to look into my eyes when he enters me, kiss me on the lips and tell me he loves me before confirming this statement with his physical actions.

All I had really experienced previously was a quick peck on the cheek and maybe a considerate tap on the head to indicate completion was imminent.  There were no soft whispers of love just an encouraging slap on the arse followed by a self-congratulatory ‘Yes’.

My role as The Fantasy Giver was never intended to be permanent and indeed it had not brought me to the earth shattering orgasm I had hoped for. No, I needed to feel that connection; that the guy wanted to be with me because he loved me. You know, all that soppy, romantic shit.

So with Horny Lina firmly in her cage I set about my new quest with very little clue as to what I was doing. Fortunately, I did not have to look far because he came to me in the shape of a banker named Steven.

He was good friends with Pru’s boyfriend and had joined us on a few nights out. Initially, he did not show much interest in me nor I with him. But soon we begun to talk and I could see his potential as my perfect Prince.

He was certainly handsome enough; sparkling blue eyes, firm jaw line, blonde hair and muscular physique. He was also very charming if not somewhat nervous when talking to me.

I did not mind his nervousness because I had no idea what I was doing. If I had wanted a quick fling he would have been between my legs weeks before but I held back believing that’s what normal people did, right?

Our relationship slowly progressed and soon we were seeing each other away from our friends; dinner, theatre, exhibitions – the whole dating experience. He would hold my hand during walks in the park and not once did he suggest we nip round the back of a tree for a quickie – The perfect gentleman.

Eventually we had sex. The first time was not the magical experience I had expected. I was probably to blame in some way as I my inner struggle to keep Horny Lina under control gave off mixed signals.

It was to be honest  dull, boring, average sex. Not much in the way of foreplay, a bit of heavy kissing, a quick fumble and he was inside me.  His movement was erratic, torn between a sensitive lover or frenetic fucker resulting in him hesitantly juddering and thrusting inside like a car stalling up hill.

It probably did not help that I just lay there,  the internal confusion raging inside me; Horny Lina rattling the cage to come out and play.

Why was I so scared to let her out? Because she wouldn’t be staying; once I settle down this side of me would be gone and as I lay there I chose not to introduce him to Horny Lina.  If he never meets her he will never miss her.

When he came there was no wondrous climax for either of us. Just a few heavy pants but I did notice something in his eyes, although not totally formed yet,  I saw a look of love. Then taking me totally by surprise he leaned in to kiss me.

He kissed me…. after sex 

No-one had ever kissed me after sex; whether that is because they knew where my mouth had been I don’t couldn’t be sure.  He rolled off me and held me in his arms. This was all new to me, normally the guy rolls off and starts ordering me a taxi. Maybe I was on to something here. I closed my eyes and snuggled into him. I was content, I was in love.

This feeling stayed with me for sometime but slowly cracks begun to appear in our relationship. We still enjoyed our time together but it was the sex that was becoming the problem.

By this time I was staying often at his flat; he would rarely stay at mine which suited me because it meant I did not need to tidy it up.

Even though I would sleep at his we would not always have sex and when we did his body language seemed to suggest he was doing it more out of necessity than want.

I begun to suspect he was releasing his sexual urges watching porn before he climbs into bed with his pretty but ultimately unsatisfying lover.

Sometimes he would act like he did not want me to stay as if I was disturbing a planned jerk off session. I knew what would come next – he would find someone else.  I was losing him. My perfect Prince was tiring of me.

Whether it be pride or arrogance or both I was not going to lose a guy because he thought I was shit in bed. I knew what I was capable of doing and I was going to show him.


We had been to a charity event hosted by his work – all ballgowns and tuxedos. Steven spent most of the time with his male colleagues, talking and laughing. Everything had to be a pissing contest – how much money they made, who is better at sports and who has the best partner to fuck; Steven went particularly quiet at that point.

I was left with the various wives and girlfriends to chat about things I really had no interest in. I would simply drink and nod, throwing in the occasional ‘absolutely’ for good measure.

During the taxi ride home Steven was already making his excuses as to why we would not be having sex tonight – he was tired, had a lot to drink, early start tomorrow but I paid as much attention to him as I did the women he had left me with. Horny Lina wanted to play and there would be nothing to discuss.

We arrived back at his flat and due to the lateness of the hour went straight to his bedroom and begun to undress. Steven helped unzip the back of my full length sparkling dress I was wearing. It fell to the floor revealing my lacy black underwear and thigh high stockings. I had felt that such a pretty dress deserved equally pretty underwear.

Perhaps I had hoped that the sight of me in that lingerie would have been enough to cause arousal in Steven but he seemed more interested in removing his cufflinks. Had it already got that bad that even seeing me in stockings was not enough to find me desirable? Or was he telling the truth that alcohol and tiredness meant that any sexual contact would be impossible? I was about to find out.

Still wearing my heels I walked over to Steven who was undoing his bow tie. Without saying a word I kissed him, my hand curling round to the back of his head pulling him into me.

“Selina it’s getting late” he protested but I ignored what he said and continued to kiss him. My hand ran slowly down his chest till I was by his groin. I was wasting no time. He instinctively grabbed my hand mumbling some exclamation of protest.

I flicked his hand away and begun to massage his groin. I did not care for any protests, his growing arousal told me what I needed to know. I unbuckled his belt and pulled it from around his waist. My fingers worked at removing his trousers while I continued to kiss him.

Unbuttoned,  I tugged at his trousers which fell to the floor. He was wearing boxer shorts and his cock was already proudly peeking out. I rolled my fingers round his shaft and slowly begun to stroke him.

He threw his head back and let out a deep moan as I kissed his neck. I quickened my strokes and Steven breathed harder. He shot his hand down to my busy hand, holding it still.

“Stop” he moaned.

This was not a protest said because he was not enjoying himself. On the contrary he was enjoying it too much. A few further strokes would have seen him end the night over my luxuriously expensive stockings.

He took hold of me and moved towards the bed. His intention was clear, he was aroused and wanted to be inside me. Perhaps I had done enough and should let him finish off with him on top of me. Any concerns of a less than satisfying sex life allayed after a quick handjob and fuck.

However, Horny Lina was fully out of her cage now and she was not finished. I put my fingers up to his lips and whispered for him to get on the bed. He duly obliged, removing his boxer shorts in the process.

I joined him on the bed, straddling him as I resumed our kissing. I rocked gently over his cock, my covered pussy rubbing up against his cock.

Sitting up he reached towards my breasts and started to massage them. With his arms fully outstretched I took the belt and wrapped it tightly round his wrist, hooking him on to the bed post.

“Selina what are you doing?” he asked.

I gave him a smile and stood up. Unhooking my bra I playfully threw it at him whilst letting out a little giggle. I kicked off my heels and stood over my boyfriend, admiring his toned physique and presently throbbing cock.

Standing in between his legs I ran a stockinged foot over his balls and up his shaft which prompted a moan of pleasure from him. I continued to explore the thickness of his cock with my toe until I sensed he was about to cum.  I slid my foot over his belly, up his chest and into his mouth to be welcomed by some enthusiastic sucking.

Removing my toe from his mouth I slowly slid my panties off and moved up the bed so I was standing over his head. I slipped my fingers into my wetness as Steven watched intently. He had never seen my like this.

Previously all he had known was a timid girl that would just lie there while he would just bang away clearly retreating inside his head to make it as sexy as he could for himself.  But that same timid girl now stood over him, sliding her fingers deep inside herself and letting him taste the consequence of her exploration.

I had begun to get used to the confusion on men’s faces as they meet Horny Lina; my body language changed, my facial expressions were different. Indeed, Steven could be forgiven for thinking that he had brought a different girl home. I swear at one point he moved his head to the side to double check it was still me.

Sorry Selina that I left you at the party… The funniest thing just happened 

I turned around and slowly lowered myself onto his face, grinding my now sopping  wet pussy onto him. Steven graciously flicked his tongue out to welcome my advance.

Flopping  forward I ran my tongue along the shaft of his cock which twitched with excitement. I took him in my mouth and Steven showed his appreciation by going deeper with his tongue.

I could hear him moan into my luscious hole as I sucked him harder. His legs began to shake and I could sense his orgasm was imminent. He was certainly very excitable. It was liking handling a bomb, liable to explode at any moment.

I relinquished him from my mouth and watched his hard cock slap back down. I rocked back onto his busy tongue whilst staring at his glistening manhood that twitched, precum oozing from his slit.

Moving off his mouth I heard Steven take in a satisfying breath of air. Reaching over and grabbing his ankles I hovered over his cock. It pulsated so much I was concerned that when I took him between my fingers he might explode. I guided him into my warm, wet hole and slowly begun to rock back and forth on his hardness.

Steven was moaning, letting out small yelps of excitement. I had never rode him like this and by the way he moaned it seemed this was going to be a short ride.

I sped up, slamming down on his cock. He was so hard, more aroused than I had ever felt him. I saw his toe curls and his legs tense and a cry of satisfaction coincided with his orgasm.

Spinning back round I released Steven from his makeshift binds. Resting my head on his chest I listened as his breathing settled.

It was perfect and I knew that any concerns Steven may have had vanished the moment he had cum. He was happy. I was happy.

Back in your cage Horny Lina. 

“Wow Selina that was…. Fantastic” Steven said, still breathless.

I should have just kissed him and rolled over to sleep, leaving him to reflect on what had just happened. But I didn’t. Circling my fingers around his broad chest I spoke

“You like that hun?”

“That was… amazing” he replied, still breathless.

That’s it Selina you’ve got your compliment, go to sleep now.

“I want to make you happy” I continued “You know that, right?”

He kissed me on the forehead “You do make me happy”

And there’s the reassurance – sleep now.

“No I mean sexually. You know ..that kind of happy”

Steven ran his fingers through my hair “Well certainly I am happy there” he replied.

Okay night night Selina

“You.. um.. liked being tied to the bed” I said with a giggle.

He sat up, slightly embarrassed by my directness “Well yeh…” he stuttered “Never really had thought about it before”

You tied him up. He liked it. Sleep now

“But you’ve thought about other stuff?” I asked

“Well yeh but.. It’s getting late and..”

There you go. You’re tired. He is tired. Everyone sleep.

“Maybe you can tell me another time” I paused and rolled over in bed.

Yep, definitely a conversation for another day 

“Or you could show me.” I purred.

I closed my eyes but knew that Steven would not be sleeping just yet. I had given him something to think about.

My eyes begun to get heavy but just as I drifted off to sleep I thought I heard a noise. It might have been a cat knocking something over.

Or perhaps it was the sound of the door to Steven’s desires opening up and flooding his mind with potential delights.

Or it could have been Horny Lina slamming her cage door shut from the outside, excited that she will be required to stay that little bit longer.

You should have just gone to sleep, Selina. 

Next up….My Sexual Awakening

The Evolution of Selina – Part Two 

As I entered my final year of university I had reached the conclusion that to obtain the highest level of sexual gratification I was going to have to indulge in other people’s sexual fantasies.

My experience with Gamer Dude had brought me so close. Maybe not through the door of complete sexual pleasure but at least right up to it, peering through the window at the delights that lay ahead.

The problem was I had no idea how I was going to do it. I mean how was I going to know what someone’s deepest fantasy was without asking them?

If I were just to go up to a guy and say “Hey what’s your sexual fantasy?” he would most likely respond for me to suck his cock, because that would be his dominant horny thought at that very moment. Guys are kind of predictable like that!

But I wanted to go deeper. To truly find out what they desired and to indulge their sexual fantasy, bringing it to life with orgasmic clarity.

Selina – The Fantasy Giver 

But how? Walk around with a sign saying ‘Get your fantasies here’. It’s also not like I  could just go round the local bars asking.

“Evening Steve, glass of wine please. Hey I don’t suppose you know anyone here who may need some deep sexual desire fulfilled?” 

“I dunno – you could try asking that guy there in the rubber gimp suit. He may know of someone” 

I was preoccupied with the practicalities of my quest when I met Daniel.

Daniel studied art and I had gone along to an exhibition of his and other students work.  I am a great lover of art – mainly the comic book kind.
He was displaying his drawings which were predominantly  of scantily clad cyber punk girls – they were beautiful.

I struck up a conversation with him about art, comic books and we started to hang out. There was no immediate spark between us; he was attractive but a little on the shy side.

He was quite insular and shared very little about himself but I did not need him to tell me what he was thinking because I could tell from his drawings. The window into an artists soul is through his work.

As I looked at his drawings I saw a common theme, a less than subtle hint of what he desired. Aside from his love of big titted girls with guns they were all adorned in stockings or tights – Daniel had a thing for nylon!

For me to indulge in his fantasy I would need to change my look. To be honest, I had bored of the long hair tied back and alternating between jeans or leggings; the change would be good for everyone.

Inspired by the drawings of Daniel I got my hair cut short and messy, changed my jeans to hot pants shorts or a plaid skirt adorned with black tights. The normally bland blouses were replaced by t-shirts, either plain or faded print of a variety of super heroes.

The outfit was finished off by some military style ankle boots and a leather jacket I picked up in a charity shop. I looked in the mirror and for a moment did not even recognise myself. But I liked it – My evolution was complete.

Horny Lina has got herself a super suit! 

“Wow, Selina you look… Different” was Daniel’s reaction when he saw me.

I ignored the lack of an actual verbal compliment because I could see in his eyes that he liked what he saw; his gaze lingering at my nylon legs.

We went to his room and whilst he hurriedly moved all his papers so I could sit down I noticed a particular drawing; it was of me reimagined as one of his cyber punk girls, it was not a far cry to the look I was currently rocking.

“Is this me?” I asked

“Maybe” he replied whilst attempting to grab the picture back from me.

“My arse isn’t that big!” I teased

“It’s artistic licence” he said taking the picture from me “Besides I was working from memory”

I smiled, the fantasy giver had an idea! “Draw me now”  I suggested as I laid on the sofa, lifting my hands above my head “Paint me like one of your cyber punk girls!” I giggled.

He smiled, sat down at his canvas as I positioned myself in different poses.

“Would you like me like this? ” – getting on all fours on the sofa.

“Or like this?” – sitting up right with my legs spread.

“Or this?” – crossing my legs and throwing my head back.

Daniel laughed “Stop it and come closer so I can see your face”.

I stood up and sat directly opposite him as he began to sketch.  I kicked of my boots and slowly begun rubbing my foot up and down his leg.

“Selina! What are you doing?” he asked. His face was obscured & so I couldn’t see how much he was enjoying it.

“Sorry am I distracting you?” I replied.

I moved my foot up higher, past his knee and gently caressed his thigh.

“Selina, what has got into you?” he said, his voice slightly cracking.

“Would you like me to stop?” I asked but no reply came so I moved my foot across from his thigh to his groin.

He was aroused and I traced the outline of his bulge with my big toe. I could feel it twitch inside the cage of his trousers, groaning to be released.

I heard him whisper my name and licking my lips I said in a quiet voice “Take it out.” My nylon feet hovered as he nervously unzipped his trousers, pulling them down slightly to release his cock.

He was fully erect already and as I ran my toe along the length of his shaft it was clear he had fantasised about this moment. Maybe not with me; we had after all just met & this was the first time he had seen me in nylons.

I reckoned somewhere amongst his art were sketches of his cyber punk girls stroking a variety of exaggerated cocks with their feet. When he saw me wearing black opaque tights did he recall those drawings & how horny he got creating them?

He was hard. When he sat down to draw me was he hoping for this moment? Did he allow himself  a moment to fantasise, willing for this to happen? For all I know his cock had been between many girls’ feet, but something told me this was the first time; the cracking in his voice, his heavy breath, the way he just sat there unsure what to do.

The physical pleasure he experienced at the touch of my foot merged with the fantasy in his head. I had his body and his mind; it excited me, aroused me.

I lifted his cock up with my foot pressing it up against his belly.  With my toe pressed against his throbbing head I ran my other toe up and down his groaning shaft.

I unzipped my shorts and slid my hand inside my tights. I was wet already, I was getting off on making his fantasy become a reality.

I took his cock between my feet, my heels pressed against his head, the soles feeling the thickness of his arousal. Slowly I began to stroke him as I pleasured myself with my own fingers.

“Keep drawing” I teased as I begun to stroke him a little faster.  I could not see his face but I imagined the look of pleasure on it. I knew he was enjoying this – I could sense it and that feeling drove my fingers deeper into my pussy.

I varied the speed and touch of my strokes. He was between my arches, then my heels or he was sliding between my silky soles – he liked that one.

I could hear his breathing become heavier. I felt his cock throb with pleasure through my nylons which had become moist from drops of his precum; up at the other end they were drenched from the attention I was giving to myself.

He was close – so was I. “Stand up” I instructed him and angled his cock towards the canvas as I increased the speed of my strokes.

He dropped his pencil and gripped my ankles, holding my feet in place while he thrust wildly between them. The sound of his pleasure as he fucked my feet made me rub my clit harder.

I could feel my orgasm building and I knew he that his frenzied thrusting was about to reach a climax. He wanted this moment to last, to be between my feet for as long as he could but the urge to release was becoming too strong.

The feeling of the pleasure I was giving him coupled with the erotic familiarity of my own touch was enough to bring me to orgasm which in turn caused Daniel to lose control and after a final few thrusts he came.

The canvas obscured my view of him ejaculating but I could hear his pleasure satisfyingly splash onto it, drops dripping on my feet and legs.

He stayed between my feet until he was empty and limp then slumped back into his chair. I stood up and walked over to him, feeling the dampness of his deposit with every step.

I leant over him to view the sketch, it was half my face embossed with the conclusion of our foot fun; thick streams of his cum still sliding down the canvas.

“Looks nothing like me” I joked, kissing him on the top of the head.

My remaining time at university was shared between exams and indulging in Daniel’s nylon fetish. This balance kept both sides of my personality satisfied.

Soon it was time to bid farewell to university and return back home to London; however I would be bringing someone back with me.

Not Daniel. That horny artist went back home up North, the long distance between us signalling the end of our relationship.

No, it was Horny Lina who would be returning with me. Newly evolved and ready for the next experience. All I had to do was control her.

With University finished it’s time to go Home