The Awakening of Selina 

Introducing Steven to my alter-ego Horny Lina may have saved our relationship but it came at a price. He wanted more.

They always want more.

I did not blame him for this. No sooner had I slid off his cock after riding him hard, I was practically inviting him to do whatever else he wanted.

In the days that followed he seemed distracted, probably unsure if my invitation to experiment was real, mixed with a sense of arousal as to what he could experience.

He was coy at first perhaps not wishing to frighten me into the timid girl on her back again. They begun as subtle requests – he would buy me specific lingerie that he would like me to wear and often he would throw in lines such as ‘Could you do that thing you did the other night’.

His pursuit of his own sexual happiness meant that mine was to be neglected. Unless his fantasy required it,  any real foreplay for me was not part of the plan. Occasionally he would slip a finger inside if I was sucking him,  but I felt that was more to give his hands something to do; it was like my pussy was an erotic fidget spinner.

I was not overly concerned that our sex life now revolved solely around Steven’s pleasure. After all, it was I who had planted that seed of possibility in his head.

I felt a degree of enjoyment in fulfilling his sexual desires. I was a more than willing participant and I felt a different form of satisfaction than the elusive earth-shattering orgasm I had been seeking; it was more a carnal contentment, a pleasure derived from performing the act however good it may have been.

There was, of course, a part of me that was not totally thrilled by how our relationship had developed – Sensible Selina.  She now stood at the back of stage as Horny Lina took centre. It was Lina that was lavishing the praise and admiration of Steven and all Selina could do was watch helplessly, unable to intervene, her dreams of her perfect life fading away.

She could still have the theatre and days out but they had become a way for Steven to pass the time before he could indulge in his next desire. Often he would become impatient and distracted, his mind clearly elsewhere.

“What do you mean there is another Act to this play. I’m horny. Look it’s Shakespeare they all die. Now let’s go and fuck”

Even when we went out to a meal,  he would eat his food so fast as if he was trying to break the world record for the quickest time to eat three courses.

“Selina come on I’ve nearly finished my dessert and you’ve not touched your starter. I want to go home and have sex. Nooowww”.

The walks in the park continued but now the trees no longer provided a romantic backdrop to a loving kiss; instead they were cover for whatever sexual act Steven wanted.

Soon, his suggestions were no longer said with any coyness but uttered as someone might suggest trying out a new restaurant.

‘Tonight darling I think we should try anal. I’ve heard it’s rather good. Judith at Number 42 highly recommends it’ 

This development of course was not what Sensible Selina expected. She knew that picture perfect life of a detached home with a garden and perfect kids was now impossible.

Even if we did marry and have children it was unlikely that Steven’s horniness would disappear.

Mummy why do we have to stay at Aunt Susan’s? ” 

“Cos your Daddy wants to tie up and spank Mummy again sweetie… Now eat your corn flakes” 

Then one day, in the usual casual  manner he announced his latest fantasy to be fulfilled.

“I think we should have a threesome”

I lifted my head up from where moments before I had been servicing his penis and replied “Sorry? What?”

“Threesome” he repeated, a horny glint in his eye as the word rolled off his tongue.

“What? Me, you and another guy” I enquired.

“Absolutely not!” He said, his eyes indicating I needed to return to what I was doing previously “I mean with another woman.”

Of course Steven wanted a threesome with me and a yet undetermined female. It made perfect sense. It was Male Fantasy 101. I was surprised he hadn’t brought up sooner.

Strangely, although I had read about many threesomes in erotica I had not had any specific fantasies about them. Likewise, I had not given much thought to being with a woman.

Perhaps my mind had drifted occasionally towards the curiosity of feeling the sweet caress of another female. At University I had even shared the odd prolonged drunken kiss but it never went any further.

Then there was the practicalities of this suggestion. Steven had been particularly vague about how this threesome was going to happen.

Was he expecting me to go out and find a girl? Just randomly walk into a bar and ask?

Hey hun…. Oooh nice shoes… Would you like to come and have sex with me and my boyfriend?”

Perhaps the potential difficulties in arranging this naughty collaboration even put Steven off, even despite how eager he had been for this to occur.

Then one day as it neared to his birthday he announced that as a present for himself he had arranged for this threesome to happen. He was still a little vague on details, only that we would be spending a night at a nearby hotel.  Indeed, little more was said about it, although as the day got nearer there was a growing excitement within him.

It became very clear that Steven had planned every moment as to what would occur, yet he failed to pass on any details to me.

When we arrived at the hotel room and unpacked he laid out on the bed the items he wished me to wear – a silk negligee that barely covered my arse and black lace top thigh high stockings.

Whilst waiting for our unknown guest to arrive I chose to polish off a bottle of wine, my plan was to replace nervousness with drunkenness.

Any anxiety I felt was not helped by Steven excitedly pacing the room, checking his watch repeatedly.  Eventually there was a knock at the door and he almost leapt towards it, opening it up to reveal a beautiful woman on the other side.

She must have been a similar age to me. She had long light brown hair, that curled round at her ample breasts. She wore a short black dress with stockings and heels.


Steven presented her with a small glass of wine, muttering something about there being another bottle somewhere. She elegantly walked towards me and sat down, crossing her long silky legs.

“You must be Selina” she said, her voice had a slight regional accent but I could not be clear exactly where from.  “You are such a sweetie” she continued, placing her manicured hand on my knee.

I muttered some words of thanks as I looked down at my now empty wine glass, my finger running up and down the stem.

She placed one of her hands on mine and leaned in “Is this your first time with a woman” she whispered.

I nodded and lowered my head to stare intently at my glass. I felt her finger under my chin as she raised my head to face her. She moved closer and kissed me gently. Her lips were so soft, the kiss so tender that I instinctively closed my eyes; my senses alive to the aroma of her perfume and taste of her lipstick.

She slowly pulled away and smiled but I found her lips drawing me back in closer and without thought I returned for another taste of her lips. The second kiss was more passionate, our tongues passing each other in an oral dance as they made their way into the warmth of the other’s mouth.

It felt beautiful and at that moment I would have gladly just spent the rest of the evening kissing this mysterious beauty.

“Woaa! Ladies. Don’t start without me” exclaimed Steven.

The woman pulled away giggling. Inside I was just thinking ‘fuck off Steven’.

She approached him and asked ‘So what would you like to do first”

“Well” he replied clapping his hands together “I thought you and Selina could… erm… be together and we will go from there.”

She smiled “No problem. You’re paying for it.”

I, of course, had suspected she was an escort. There was simply no way that Steven’s over enthusiastic bumbling would have managed to convince a regular girl to participate.

Secretly I was impressed by his choice. She was certainly one of those top end, high class escorts; this night would be costing him a pretty penny.

She turned her back so Steven could unzip her dress which she allowed to fall to the floor.  She kept her heels on as she returned to join me on the bed.

She immediately returned to kissing me, breaking away briefly to whisper in my ear “Just relax. Follow my lead”

I was hesitant, my inexperience of being with a woman clearly on display as I sat their frozen, not knowing what to do with my hands.

If she had been a guy my hands would be touching  all the right places but with her I was unsure. She embraced me and it felt unnatural, yet at the same time there was the growing feeling of arousal.

I was becoming lost by the tenderness of her kisses, the touch of her hand on my bare skin as it ran down my arm awoke every nerve in my body.

I had never experienced this feeling with any guy before and my nervousness was becoming replaced by desire; my hands reciprocating the same pattern over her body.

The intensity of the kissing increased, our bodies conjoined in passion moved to the centre of the bed.  I was dizzy with lust, unaware of my surroundings, only caring about this beautiful woman that I was entwined with. It was perfect. Nothing could spoil this moment.

“The breasts. Play with each other breasts”


I glanced over at Steven who was already in a state of arousal. Clearly he believed he was directing some porno. I suppose he had paid for all of this but still….. fucking annoying!

The woman sat up and expertly unhooked her bra, playfully throwing it over to Steven. I looked up at her, from my angle her breasts seemed huge. She lowered the straps of my negligee and pulled them down revealing my perky smaller breasts.

She lowered herself down on top of me, our breasts rubbing against each other. I could feel my nipples harden as hers circled them.  I could feel the moisture building in my panties as she rubbed her thigh against my covered pussy.

I was breathing heavily, small moans of pleasure occasionally rising from my throat as I submitted myself to the pleasure this woman was providing. I did not want this feeling to end.

“Play with her pussy”


Her fingers curled round my panties and tugged them down. She spread her legs, running her slender fingers over my thigh. I arched my back and moaned as her fingers entered my wetness, she playfully bit my lip as I panted with pleasure.

I writhed on the bed, my hips following the motion of her finger as it explored the circumference of my wet lips before exploring deeper inside me.

Every lap round sent waves of pleasure to flow around my body. I could feel my orgasm building, I could sense the feeling of that mind blowing completion I had so desperately craved. I…

“Lick her pussy.  69”


She removed her finger from inside me and I let out a whimper which almost sounded like ‘Don’t go’. She stood up and took off her panties revealing her beautifully shaved pussy.

Moving to my head she straddled me and in the shadow of her thighs I could see her lips, tantalisingly hanging slightly down.  My view became clearer as she lowered herself down until I could see nothing…. Only feel.

I hesitantly explored the darkness with my tongue. Deprived of sight my other senses rewarded as I tasted her sweetness.  My tongue returning for more as she rotated on my face.

I then felt something alien between my legs, the softness of a female tongue.  She retraced the journey her fingers had made only moments before. This time the pleasure was increased.

I had been close to orgasm with just her fingers and I knew that it would not be long now.  I could the pleasure of her tongue and of her breath,  blowing gently on the beads of moisture that formed.

If Steven was talking like some horny teenager I could not hear him; her thighs providing the perfect solitude to his incessant talking.

I wanted this feeling to last forever, spend eternity in a never ending cycle of this gratification .  It was intense, that perfect moment when your mind and body combine, each perfectly reacting to one another as every nerve, every cell is bathed in the flow of pleasure that moved up my body.

It would be wonderful to remain in that perpetual state of bliss but one cannot.  I reluctantly surrendered to the finale of this thrill.

I came hard.   My body shuddered as pleasure flowed from between my legs into the gracious mouth of my host.  I roared my loud approval inside her.

During my orgasm I had no concept of time or place. I could have been anywhere. The final throes of my desire seemed to go on forever. Maybe I was going to be afforded this permanent bliss.

Then it was over.  I was returned to the light as she emerged off me. I rolled over, still breathing hard, my eyes closed, desperate to savour every moment.  I had never experienced this feeling at the touch of someone else. It was perfect and…

Then Steven stuck his cock in my mouth.

Hard from the show he had been directing he thrusted back and forth. Still exhausted I could not move, my mind and body still discussing what they had just experienced.

Then he was out of my mouth as quickly as he had entered. The sound of my own blood flowing through my head I could make out the faint noise of wet slapping and Steven’s over enthusiastic groaning.

He was fucking the escort!

I probably should have been concerned. Maybe I should have said something but I lay there content.. satisfied.

As my eyes became heavy and I was rocked into gently slumber by the movement of the bed I did not see it as a problem.

I know I ought to have but little did I know then I was going to have a much bigger problem.

Steven fucking another woman that could destroy our relationship.

This other problem on the horizon could destroy everything.

Up next…..Shame

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