The Mind of Selina 

Well, you’ve got this far. Hello, welcome to the door to my mind.

Before you turn the handle and enter I must warn you  things can get pretty hot in there. So if you are under 18 or uncomfortable with talk about sexual desires & acts, you best move away from the door… Just ignore the screams of pleasure coming from behind it.

If you are still here then let me show you around my mind.  Take a deep breath, turn the handle and come in. Be warned though you may not want to leave.

To the left are my memories, those naughty things I have actually done. Some I am proud of.. Some not so. This will be my confessional because you want to know the things I have done, right?

To the right are my fantasies.  My wants. My desires.  Those things that cause me to touch myself. They could become your desires as well.

You would have noticed the doors to my confessions & fantasies are damaged. The sexual desires & memories seeping out creating a wet mess on the floor.  Be careful, it can be slippery when wet.

Those desires & acts have been flooding out of there for some time like a raging waterfall; the defences I built to keep them at bay were not strong enough.

Dive in… Don’t worry it’s warm. Swim around, the deeper you go the hotter it will be.

What’s those two doors towards the back? Well, that one there is where I keep all my memories & feelings about someone special, I call her my Pixie Princess. I’ll tell you about her, don’t worry. When you learn about her you’ll understand why I keep her away from the constant flow of my sexual desires and experience.

The last door is me.  The me everyone knows. Shy Lina, Dependable Lina, Boring Lina. Those who know me would suffer instant shock if they even dipped a toe in the waters you are about to dive into.

The real me cannot merge with the slutty, sleazy me. Not a drop of these horny waters can mix with the very respectable life I have built.

The calm, still lake of my existence only inches away from the chaotic waves of my desire that crash against the wall I have built to protect the real me.

But is  that very respectable 27 year old English girl the real me? I think we know the answer.  Those waters you stand beside will show you who I really am.

So strip off & dive in…..the water is lovely!

Ready for my Origin?

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  1. forbiddenwriter

    It’s a pleasure to be acquanted with you, Selina. I look forward to reading your confessions.


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