The Evolution of Selina – Part One

I was quite sexually active during my years at university. However like with Mr First Time my early experiences did not leave me truly satisfied.

For me something was missing, the acts I performed were for the gratification of whoever I was with. We don’t need to go through them in any real detail but they mostly consisted of handjobs, blowjobs and quickies.

Neither are the people, whom I performed these acts with, relevant to this part of my story – my evolution.  A few are probably worth mentioning;

Mr Talkative 

I hooked up with this guy who just simply loved to talk – before, during and after sex. It wouldn’t be sexual talk either just really mundane stuff interspersed with the odd acknowledgement of what I was doing.

So there I would be sucking his cock as he would be holding a conversation with me;

“So this weekend I’m going to the lake. Mm yes that is good Selina. The lake is beautiful at this time of year. You really should come along. Would you like to?”

I would normally give some muffled response. Not that I could get a word in, the only time he shut up was when he was about to cum. It would be like;

” We will probably take the boat out, there is the wonderful spot just along the river bank which……. Ahhh…. is wonderful for a picnic”

Mr Silent 

Conversely there was this guy who never said a bloody word. I’m not sure if he were training to be a ninja or something but he’d lay there deathly silent as I sucked him.

He was by no means the first cock I had sucked & I was confident in my technique & ability but even I had to double check everything was okay.

I’d look over his cock to check he was still alive, flicking at his balls for any sign of life. When he acknowledged I sat up and like an inexperienced lover asked him if this was okay, that I was doing it right.  His response was to give me a thumbs up!  When he eventually came he would  let out a little sigh as if he were watching a puppy play for the first time.

Gamer Dude 

This guy actually deserves a lot more credit than being a mere footnote in my sexual life because he was the first real step in my evolution.

Gamer Dude was a very fit, black guy. He had cornrows and a small whispy chin beard.  I had seen him around campus and we knew each other well enough to say hello but nothing more.

Then one day I was in the local shopping centre. It was my brother’s birthday and I was looking to get him a video game.  Gamer Dude approached me and saw I was buying the latest Call of Duty.

“That’s not a girl’s game – all the cute animal ones are over there” he said.

I smiled, ignoring his casual sexism and replied ‘Fuck you, kick your arse on these games any day”.

He laughed, “Prove it.”

So with the challenge accepted I would hook up with him every Thursday. Initially it was just to play video games and eat pizza but before long we were having sex.

At first sex with Gamer Dude was good – really good. He was by far the most well-endowed and proficient lover I had. Indeed, it was the first time I had experienced the delights of a black cock.

Despite being blessed with such a powerful weapon of pleasure he was not arrogant with it. He didn’t have me begging on my knees for a taste of his dark meat.

He would finish his game which normally involved him winning a big battle & like a triumphant warrior return home and have his woman.

Fuck me oh mighty warrior for I am yours. 

It was fun at first but quickly became stale. It just became part of our Thursday night gaming routine – pizza, game, sex.

Any initial passion disappeared and sex was no longer a prize he craved for a battle well fought; he seemed to get more excited when one of those stupid achievements popped up on his screen.

“Well done honey you killed all those bad guys.  Let me suck your cock” 

“Yes killed five enemies with a single grenade… Sorry did you say something?” 

It even got to the point where he would play on a game for so long that he would announce he was too tired for any sexual activity that night.

My Thursday night hook up was becoming boring & when I get bored I get horny and when I get horny I get naughty.

On this particular Thursday night he had become obsessed with playing online multiplayer on a particular game – I recall it was Halo. He had barely acknowledged my existence and I had resolved to end these Thursday night hook ups but, of course,  with one final sexy goodbye. It would, after all, be rude of me not to kiss that beautiful black cock goodbye.

I watched as he and his faceless band of merry men tried to capture a flag for what seemed the hundredth time. I was getting bored and knew he would not be turning this game off anytime soon.

I stared at his groin and  began to crave what was hidden beneath his sweatpants. I reached over and caressed his flaccid cock through the material.

“Not now Selina” he said slapping my hand away. But I persisted and I could feel his cock grow.

He flashed me a look and firmly said “No!” I could hear the tinny sound of his merry men emanating from his headset querying his exclamation.

I queried it too. His mouth was telling me one thing but his cock that bulged from his sweatpants told me something else. I chose to listen to the latter.

I unfurled his waistband to release his glorious penis. He was already erect when I took him in my hand. He felt harder than before and  spent time tracing every large vein of his huge member with my finger.

I playfully ran my tongue up the full length of his cock and admired how my saliva glistened on the darkness of his thick shaft.

I wrapped my lips round the brown head which expanded as if it were breathing. He was beginning to become distracted and I could hear the distorted sounds of concern from his team mates

“Hey man are you OK?”

“Dude are you with us?” 

No, he was with me and I begun my oral descent down his thick dark cock. He filled my mouth and I took him inside me inch by inch. I could feel his head brush up to the back of my throat depositing drops of precum – a salty thank you to such an hospitable host.

I bobbed my head up and down as he desperately tried to continue playing his game. Stifling his moans; his voice cracking as he tried to communicate with his team.

I lifted my head up from his cock, taking a deep satisfying breath of air. Saliva dripped down my mouth. His eyes firmly on the screen, his cock standing proud.

I took a condom from my purse and bent over to sheath his rigid cock. I looked up at him and he broke away from the screen to offer a weak shake of his head. But he was past the point of any real resistance.

I straddled him and begun to impaled myself on his rigid cock. It had never felt so hard & as I slowly lowered myself upon him I let out a satisfying high pitched yelp.  I looked him in the eye as he filled my pussy. I could sense a dark brooding passion but he broke eye contact to move his head to the side & concentrate on the screen.

I  slowly rocked back and forth, panting into his ear whilst in his other he could hear his team mates.

“Dude what the fuck are you doing” 

“Concentrate man” 

“Do you have a dog?” 

I started to ride him harder, my pussy rising over his shaft before slamming back down with a satisfying wet slap.

“The enemy has captured the flag. Go. Go. Go” 

It felt like I was riding a different cock. He had been inside me many times but it never felt so good. Every slide down his rigid pole felt more intense. Then I realised – he  was getting off on this.

It wasn’t so much the thought that his cock was so desirable that he hardly had to move a muscle to have a girl jump on it but it was something else.

He knew from our previous Thursday nights that all he had to do was, turn the game off and give me the nod.

This had nothing to do with me – it was them, his merry band of men. He knew none of them at that present moment currently had a girl sliding up and down their cock.

He was their Alpha. Their Master Chief and it aroused him.

I dug my nails into his shoulders as I rode him hard. I could sense he was about to cum. He dropped his controller and gripped me hard pounding deep inside me causing me to let out a moan of pleasure.

He rose from the sofa and announced each jet of hot cum that crashed against the protective sheath with a powerful thrust.  I screamed in delight – my own personal acknowledgement of his achievement.

With both of us breathless he lowered me gently onto the floor. I handed him back his controller and with his cock still twitching he returned to his game.

During the passionate finale his headset had been on and his merry men all experienced the climatic showdown.

“Dude were you just fucking a girl?” 

“You are the fucking man!” 

“What’s up with your dog, man?” 

All hail the Master Chief.

That night had all the right ingredients – spontaneity, passion and that something else. I’d given him something that he wanted, that he desired whether he knew it or not.

I don’t know whether during our previous hook ups he had hoped I would just jump on his cock whilst he was playing a game but it aroused him – like nothing had done before.

It was his fantasy, his desire and I had facilitated that. It was I who made that happen. That feeling of given someone what they want… what they truly desired aroused me.

I may not have reached the powerful orgasm I long craved but it took me so close.

As I lay naked on his floor watching him finish his game & accepting the plaudits of his sex starved compatriots I reconciled that this is how it would be from now on.

I was not going to be a convenient hole to satisfy a moment of horniness. I did not want my mouth or pussy to become nothing more than a masturbatory aid for the horny men needing release.

I wanted to feel that connection. That desire. I wanted to make people’s fantasies come to life.

Selina – The Fantasy Giver.

As I lay there I could not think of anything that could possibly go wrong with submitting to someone else’s fantasies.

Nope – could not see any problem with this plan at all!

The Evolution continues.

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