The Dreams Of Selina 

Let me take you into my sub conscious mind…..

I’m in a bright room sparse of any decoration save for a solitary couch.

Sitting at one end is a beautiful lady adorned in a bodysuit that accentuates her cleavage.  Her long heavenly legs are adorned with dark nylon finished off with black heels that shine in the brightness of the room.

I can see myself, naked save for a pair of tights, nude,  hiding none of my modesty.

I walk slowly towards the couch. She sits there, her beautiful legs crossed, gently holding a glass of wine in her slender painted fingers.

Not a word is spoken between us. Our eyes meet and her pink lips,  so beautifully framed with her long brown hair, breaks into a smile.

I slowly begin to kneel down, my hands on my thighs as I watch mesmerised as she dangles her heel from her toe whilst slowly running her finger round the rim of her wine glass.

She allows her heel to drop from her toe, the sound as it hits the floor momentarily breaks the silence that fills the room.

As the heel finally rests the silence returns. The unmistakable sound of anticipation, of longing, of quiet desire.

My eyes meet hers once more, a longing stare filled with lust and want. She gestures down to her foot which hovers tantalisingly close to my mouth.  Even though her nylon is dark I can make out her perfectly pink painted toe nails.

My mouth feels dry yet my lips are wet with anticipation. My tongue instinctively emerges from my mouth rolling across my top lip.

I lean forward and kiss her toe, a gentle kiss that is repeated for all five of them. It is a one of desire that continues over the top of the foot.

My mouth’s exploration follows this gorgeous foot round the side, over the arches, down the sole before I return to her toes, satisfied that due appreciation has been given.

I look up at her. It is a look of reassurance which is rewarded as she blows me kiss.

I take her toes into my mouth. The feel of her silky toes passing over my lips sends a wave of pleasure causing me to let out a deep satisfying breath.

My tongue circles around her covered toes as my fingers gently caress her arches. She pulls them out from my mouth causing a long wet breath to emerge which morphs into a long moan as she traces the outline of my lips with her toe.

She slips them back into my mouth and her other foot which presently had been neglected begins to run across my leg, over my thigh until it rests between my legs.

She gently moves her toes back and forth, the thinness of my nylon offering no resistance to the pleasure I feel.  My body shudders causing me to take her toes deeper into my mouth.

I can feel the dampness of the nylon pressing against me as I gratefully welcome every wave of pleasure I receive as her toes pass over me.

Those beautiful toes pleasing both my lips. I let out stifled moans of pleasure. My wetness transferring onto her dark nylon foot, glistening as it re-emerges before making the return journey in-between my legs.

She varies the speed of her exploration. Sometimes circling around that concludes with her big toe pressing against my bud. This would be followed by quick thrusts, all met by welcoming breaths of pleasure from myself.

I can do no more than to try and reciprocate the pleasure I feel by attending to the toes in my mouth.

The pleasure builds until I am unable to take anymore. My body shakes and a muffled roar confirms the wet conclusion to her exploration.

I flop satisfied to the floor and I can see the two beautiful objects of my pleasure. One wet with my saliva, the other shining with a far more erotic substance.

I kiss her foot tasting myself as I slowly begin my ascent up her legs. Those desirably long legs. I kiss round her ankles, over her calf. Taking my time to enjoy this journey.

The route  to the top seems to take forever but I was certainly not complaining. There was nothing arduous about my ascent up this statuesque beauty.  Indeed, the owner of these legs also seemed to enjoy the attention they were receiving.

I reach her thigh and kiss all around. My desire wants me to continue round, to part those beautiful nylon legs and repay my appreciation for the attention she showed me moments ago.

But I continue, up past her belly, playfully running my tongue between her cleavage and then I am by her mouth. I lean in and kiss those perfect enticing pink lips, my tongue slipping inside the warmth.

We lay there on the couch our nylon legs entwined, our tongues dancing. Our hands caress each other as we kiss, my hand moving over her silky buttock. Our toes running up each other’s foot.

As I welcome with anticipation the next act of this erotic production the image begins to fade.

I want to stay but my sub-conscious has decided that I have seen enough tonight.

The image of these two nylon clad lovers embraced on the couch moves further back into the distance until I can see no more.

As I witness the couch, myself and the mysterious nylon beauty fade nothing remains but the brightness: the dampness of my sheets, as I awake, the only reminder of the events that just played out before my eyes.

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