The Fellowship of Selina 

I was loving life and enjoying my independence. My job was going well and relished the freedom of having my own place.

There was just one thing missing in my presently great life – I had no friends.

I knew quite a lot of people but could not really call them friends. Growing up I was a bit of a loner, only because that’s how I preferred it to be. I had set myself the goal of passing my exams and did not want to be distracted by boys or the petty gossip of girls.

The same applied largely to university and in any event the emergence of Horny Lina meant that any boy I got close to I ended up sleeping with making any friendship thereafter impossible.  Girls seem to avoid me as if Horny Lina was warding them off like a barking dog at a junkyard.

Although I was not far from my Dad and my old life I felt lonely. Even Horny Lina’s antics could not stave off this feeling. I needed friends.

I opted not to simply walk around and ask whoever I saw if they would be my friend. That would likely attract the wrong sort of people. Despite my need to find a friend I was not desperate. I’ll just be a little more friendly.

It was at my local coffee shop one morning that I first saw her. The girl who would hereafter be affectionately known as my Pixie Princess.

My moniker for her came from the simple fact she looked like a pixie. She has ginger hair cut short with lighter streaks running through it. She is quite short and her perfect freckly face is finished off with the cutest button nose.

It was quite busy that morning and she sat at one of the benches reading a book and I sat in the seat next to her. I didn’t start a conversation with her immediately but observed this cute thing she did of putting her finger on the word she just read whilst taking a sip of her coffee. She looked over and saw me staring at her.

“Good book? ” I asked.

She instinctively turned to the cover and I saw a picture of a muscular barbarian next to a scantily clad maiden “Yeh not bad” she replied.

“You like those type of fantasy books?” I continued.

She nodded and asked what I like reading. I was tempted to show her my library of erotica on my phone but I felt this innocent young pixie may fall off her chair.

Instead I opened my bag and pulled out the latest Batman comic I had purchased.

“Oh that is so cool” she responded.

This seemed to break the ice. We discussed super heroes, the latest season of Game of Thrones and as the conversation progressed we became more comfortable with each other.

Soon, we were purposely looking out for each other and this progressed to whoever got there first would order each other’s coffee. She liked a toffee latte and mine was a flat white or as I like to call it a normal fucking coffee.

If it were my turn to get the coffee I would get the barista to write ‘Pixie’ on her cup although invariably it was always spelt ‘Pixy’ or once ‘Pixee’.

When it was her turn she would have ‘Bruce’ written on it or some other first name of a Batman character.

Before long we were meeting up at lunchtime and after work. This progressed to actually arranging to meet up at the weekend; I would take her to my local comic book store or a convention but normally we would end up at each other’s flat watching the latest shows on Netflix.

We became close friends and two others would subsequently be added.

Pru is a beautiful oriental lady. She knew Pixie from work but had subsequently left to set up a private practice as a Clinical Psychologist. She could be quite a serious lady and gave Sensible Selina a run for her money. We would tease her and the group would always try to get her to say something naughty or at least laugh at the bawdy jokes.

These jokes normally came from Melissa. She was a firecracker. A tall brunette with a dirty mind. Although I was closer to Pixie, Horny Lina liked Melissa. She didn’t see her as a threat more as a saucy ally. I always tried to keep Horny Lina bottled up but Melissa had the habit of bringing her to the surface.

Did Melissa sense some naughtiness in me? Did Horny Lina let off some scent that brought like minded people gravitating towards me?

I was closer to Pixie but Melissa would seek affirmation for her naughtiness, which I always gladly provided.

She’d play this game where she would look around the bar and pointing to a few guys ask ‘Fuck. Marry. Avoid’. Pru would refuse to play, Pixie would lower her head, tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and mumble that she was unsure. She’s so adorable.

I would end up responding ‘Fuck. Fuck. Fuck’ to the howls of approval from Melissa. This would often prompt a disapproving look from Pru and a nervous giggle from Pixie.

With demands at work and my new found social life there was little opportunity for Horny Lina to come out and play. But she wouldn’t stay caged for long.

If you feed the beast it becomes stronger and uncontrollable. If you starve the beast it becomes unpredictable.

One evening I saw that this guy was lurking around our table. He could have been after any one of us; perhaps he wasn’t fussy.

He approached me when I was ordering some drinks at the bar, reeling off the normal cheesy chat up lines. I just smiled and returned to the girls.

When it was time to leave I opted not to share a cab with anyone, stood outside the bar waving my friends goodbye. I then turned, walked back into the bar and towards the guy who had gravitated towards a different table of girls.

“You going to buy me that drink?” I asked.

Later that night we were both naked on his sofa. He was already aroused, his anticipation of what was to come clearly showing.

He was laying down on the sofa as I sat up my hand gently massaging his growing cock. I positioned myself between his legs and begun to take him in my mouth. As I did I noticed a bright light shining in my face.

“What you doing?” I asked, saliva dripping from mouth.

“Filming it” he replied

“Don’t” I responded but offered no further protest. I returned to sliding my lips down his cock. He moaned as I took his full length into my warm mouth; his cock liable to explode at any moment.

I stopped sucking and begun to climb on top of him. He wanted me to face the opposite way to him. In his mind he was clearly storyboarding how his horny production would go.

I spun round and teased his cock by running my pussy up and down the hard shaft that lay flat on his belly.

He grabbed my arse with one hand, the other desperately trying to hold his phone steady. He spread my cheeks and I leaned forward so he could get a better look as he exposed my pussy.

Smile for the camera! 

I reached down and took his cock, lowering myself upon it. Gripping his legs I began to bounce slowly up and down upon his thickness.

I couldn’t see him so did not know if he was watching the action unfold through the small screen of his phone. I bet he was one of these guys who go to a rock concert and watch the whole thing through his camera.

Put your phone down you’ll have a better experience.

I began to ride him a little harder, gripping onto his ankles as my pussy slammed down onto his hard cock.

I got the feeling from his moans that this ride wouldn’t take too long. Maybe he was just super horny. Maybe he didn’t have much battery left on his phone.

I quickened the pace, my grip on his ankles tightening. He was moaning hard and the sofa creaked in unison with my motion.

I’m good. I can make furniture moan! 

I could tell that his climax was imminent by his moans of pleasure and the fact his toes were curling. After a few further hard slams down upon him he came; the intensity causing him to drop his phone.

Bizarrely I agreed to exchange numbers with him and saw him around the bar. But there was to be no repeat performance.

I was never rude to him and would smile but I had no desire to make his sofa creak again.  It was a one-off show and anyway he had it on his phone for posterity.

I’m sure he understood. Just a quick passionate one nighter – nothing more. He seemed a reasonable guy. A reasonable guy with a video of me fucking him on his phone.

In the next part I introduce you to my first Boyfriend

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