The Dreams Of Selina 2

It begins in a perfectly white room, that is where all my dreams take place. Everything is brilliant white; the walls, the solitary sofa that occupys the centre of this immaculate room.

Laying on the sofa with her hand resting at the side of her face is a girl. She must be in her early twenties with smooth skin, dark eyes and long red hair that flows down just enough to cover her perky breasts.

She is completely naked…. and she is green. Yet the colour of her skin does not detract from her immense beauty.

In my dreams the white room is always static. The action being filmed by a solitary camera in my mind.  My naked self walks into view. I always see myself in the third person, yet I can feel everything. The only disassociation is that I check out my own arse as I walk towards the mysterious girl on the sofa.

I can feel the growing sense of carnal curiosity as I approach her. She elegantly slides her long legs off the sofa and rises to meet me.

This mysterious green goddess is slightly taller and she stretches out a finger that runs down from my lips, between my cleavage before tailing off at my stomach.

After a moment of staring into her dark eyes we are kissing. Her leafy tongue slipping into my warm mouth as our hands begin to explore each other. In perfect synchronisation our hands start in each other’s hair before slowly passing down our bodies until we reach one another’s buttocks.

Our bodies are now alive to each other’s  touch. Each gentle caress sending waves of pleasure that intensify our kisses. What started off gently now increases, with every kiss more passionate than the last.

Then her hand is between my legs and her slender green fingers part my pink lips as she slides them deep inside me. I bend forward slightly allowing her to go deeper with her touch.

I’m now by her breasts and I part her long flowing red hair as if I were opening a curtain to some wondrous delight.  I flick my tongue out at her green nipple, which is a darker shade to the rest of her body.

Taking it into my mouth I move my hands down to between her legs so I can reciprocate the pleasure I am experiencing at the mercy of her fingers.

Her other hand reaches round the back of me and pushes me down upon her breast. Not a word is spoken between us but she indicates how pleased she is by increasing the speed by which her fingers slide in and out of me.

Then I orgasm. It comes without much warning but the intensity of her touch proves too much. There is no sound in the white dream room. Yet as my legs give way at the power of my pleasure it’s as if the room is reverberating.  Silent waves of sound rippling through, temporarily distorting the view from that solitary camera.

On my knees I look up at her, my head adjacent to her groin. I see her red pubic hair, so dominant against the green background of her skin, like an autumn leaf laying on a field.

She hooks her leg over my head pulling me to meet her green pussy that glistens from my earlier exploration. No time is wasted to slide my tongue between her leafy lips and into the dark wetness.

She grinds down upon me whilst pushing me against her.  I can taste her.  It’s a different taste that I have previously experienced, a little sweeter than normal.

Grinding hard against me I can feel her leg begin to shake indicating her orgasm is imminent. Grabbing the back of my head with both hands she pulls me in as if she wants me to literally climb inside. Her body jerks as her orgasm cums, flooding me with her sweet liquid. Each wave of her orgasm causes her to pull me further into her.

Then she lets me go. I fall to the floor, her juice dripping off my chin as I try to catch my breath. I look up at her and it appears she is still in the throes of her orgasm. But something is different.

The white room is shaking as she lets out an intense silent scream. Then I see it emerging from between her legs. Unsure at first as what it could be but when it passes out of her wet dripping lips there can be no doubt.
It was the throbbing head that emerges first like a submarine rising from the depth of the waters. The shaft followed; a long, thick, veiny green shaft.

It seems to go on forever like that trick where a magician would keep pulling handkerchiefs out of his pocket.  The transformation is complete when two perfectly formed balls emerges.

I look up at her, she is almost obscured by this monster penis. Her previously dark eyes now seem to glow with a hint of red. As she stands over me my face is shrouded by the shadow cast by the hugeness of her cock.

I have never seen one so big. It was thick, erect. I can see the veins pumping, bringing life to it.  Without anything being said I kiss the base of this beast.  Poking my tongue out I begin my journey up the length of this gargantuan shaft. It is an expedition that seems to take forever, my only route back to where I begun would be to follow the trail of saliva that I’ve left.

Eventually I reach the peak, travelling around the circumference of this angry, bulbous head. I arrive at the dark green pinnacle for it to spill that sweet tasting liquid on my tongue like a raindrop falling from a leaf.

No sooner has that drop dissolved upon my tongue she is grabbing my hair with both hands as she thrusts this monster into my mouth.

Any tenderness from our initial meeting has gone. This is primal. This is raw.  Her large head colliding with the back of my throat. My eyes are watering, streams of saliva flow from my mouth; that liquid the only salvation from not choking as this unnatural member invades my mouth.

Through watery eyes I can see her, she is laughing, an almost demonic smile on her face which broadens with every short sharp thrust into my mouth.  Breathing becomes difficult as she occupies every space in my mouth, my tongue getting pushed further back as this succulent trespasser continues to thrust into me.

She releases me, watching as I slump on the edge of the sofa, spluttering, fighting for my breath. Then I feel it, the now familiar engorged head hovering by my entrance.

She wastes no time entering me as unceremoniously as she did my mouth. She grips my buttocks, her nails digging into my skin.

Her meaty thrusts hard and deep, somehow my body is able to welcome every inch of this goliath into me.

Her size means every thrust brings a fresh orgasm. The white room is shaking almost in unison with her intense rhythm.  A silent rumble as the thick shaft disappears into my wet hole, my juices running down my thighs and pooling on the translucent floor below.

She is relentless. Thrust after thrust. The only thing that keeps me from collapsing exhausted on the floor is the firmness of her grip upon me.

She drives into me harder – my face a contortion of intense pleasure, no sound is required to hear the screams that emerge from my mouth.

Faster – the gap between each orgasm is now non-existent,  almost morphing into one singular powerful feeling of pleasure. My knee almost slipping on the puddle of juices beneath me.

Deeper – I can feel her balls slap against me yet it feels like she is expanding further, wishing to occupy every inch of me with this marauding beast.

Then she is ready to release. Her nails dig deeper into me and with one final hefty thrust she explodes.

It is like a volcano erupting and my head snaps back, my mouth wide open as if her seed could come spilling out of it.

My hole cannot contain her product and spills out of me joining my juices on the floor. Each large drop that falls causes the room to shudder that little bit more.

The stream of her consequence seems to go on forever. The puddle of pleasure now flows away from the sofa splashing against the white wall.

I feel the last of her sweet liquid fall from me as her tool of desire slowly begins to shrink. I can feel it slip out of me like a snake emerging from a hole.

Soon, the monster is no more, fully retreated back into its host.  I feel her loosen her grip on me, a tender hand running up my back. I cannot move, my pussy still throbbing from the recent onslaught.

She takes me in her arms and there we lay. Silent. Still. A tableau of contentment perfectly framed by a river of our erotic aftermath.

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  1. Social Experiment Participant

    A green skinned woman with red hair and a penchant for things that…grow. This lady sounds very familiar. Almost…poisonous.


    1. Selina J

      Indeed. The mind often digs into the subconscious for its inspiration. Clearly I need to be careful what I look at just before I close my eyes

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Social Experiment Participant

        I am jealous you remember your dreams, though. I rarely remember anything when I wake up, and usually the memory starts to fade after my first few footsteps. I never remember anything, let alone in this specific detail.


      2. Selina J

        I don’t remember them all but these ones just play out in my mind waking me up, leaving me breathless. The experience imprinted on my mind as if it were a memory. Also the green goddess in my dream was more Martian like.


      3. Social Experiment Participant

        Ah. I saw Poison Ivy in my head as I read it, but Martian works too.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Selina J

        Whatever works for you. I have no doubt there was a little Ivy there. When my brain desires it can create a mash up of the most random & turn it into an erotic adventure

        Liked by 1 person

  2. C.M. Blackwood

    Wow, that was one hell of a dream. I love the way you described it, too. Glad to have visited your blog! (Looking forward to more dirty dreams.) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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