MetaWrite 6000 : Creative Log : 57-2C


– Tossa?

– Tossa?


– It’s Toe-Sar and what can I do for you Selina?

– Where were you?

– Well I needed to be sure you actually wanted to talk to me, rather than you were simply doing that thing again….Which incidentally you do rather a lot.

– No, I do want to talk with you.

– Understood. What is on your mind…Apart from me! Apologies, just a little MetaWrite humour there.

– Why have I not written loads of stories?

– At a guess I would suggest that it’s because you are chaotic, have a piss poor work ethic and generally never see a project through. So I…… Are you crying?

– No. Anyway I thought that’s what you are here for. I’ve been thinking of entering the Wattys this year.

– Oh my dear child you can barely enter your front door after a night out. And what prey will you be entering? That pitiful Squirrels story of yours? Are you sure you’re not crying?

– But I thought you could write something. I assumed that’s what you’re here to do. Why have you not written anything yet?

– I can only work with what I’ve got. And no offence, I don’t have much to work with.

– Well then I may as well just get you removed?

– You could do that but it’s likely the procedure will leave you in a permanent vegetative state.

– What??

– Page 4756 of the Terms and Conditions, removal of the device will lead to irrevocable brain damage. Although after seeing you this weekend it’ll be difficult to notice the difference!

– Tossa!

– I mean there was even a point where Netflix stopped asking if you were still watching and started calling your neighbours to go check if you’re still okay.

– But I did do some writing over the weekend.

– Ah yes, let’s see your effort thus far. Well putting aside those infuriating half-finished stories, you have come up with ideas for a horror, a detective story, a weird space adventure and not a clue what that other thing is about.

– But they are ideas. Shouldn’t you be finishing them?

– Selina that is not how it works. I am an enhancement, an Assistant. It is you who need to build worlds, create characters, live the story

– Live the story?

– Yes. I am merely your guide. Now le……fh&#%*€$~\

– Tossa?

– ;35££@?5…..Sorry. Another one of those temporary glitches. Diagnostics suggest that it’s the imbalance in your brain rather than our hardware. Page 7689 of the Terms and Conditions – You cannot sue us for what’s about to happen.

– What’s about to happen? Tossa?

– &86/fyhf – Selina….

– Tossa?

– You’re about to go asleep 3(£7@!?);’

– What’s happening?

– And when you wake up @5?!4gyj

– Tossa?

– Things are going to be a lot different *^%<gkdw1!!

– Tossa?

– Sleep now €#>€$………………


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  3. Robert

    Lol I was reading your poetry stuff and I somehow stumbled across this relic. This is like a conversation with your brain. Is this what it’s really like inside your head? It’s like two people in there?
    Man u wrote this years ago but I never really knew what it meant you know or like what u were trying to say if that makes sense. But I guess now it makes more sense.

    Selina you’re so so hard on yourself man. I can’t believe you said u have a piss poor work ethic. You do so much Selina. Look at all the art you’ve made this year. Look at all the stories you’ve written. And you work a full time job. I know you’re a perfectionist but you need to be kinder to yourself for fuck sake. You’ll finish your stories when the times ready. Don’t let it get you down ok. I hope u do sleep well Selina 🐿

    I really loved that Lola song btw. Dude, Lola reminds me of u. Like she sounds like u from your confessions series. Also “she walks like a lady but speaks like a man” just the way u say stuff sometimes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I really really love the way you say things because they’re not like other girls I know. Pls be kinder to yourself Selina.

    Liked by 1 person

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