Super Sentient Sex Dolls From Saturn: Part Seven

In Part Six we were introduced to the other four Sentient Sex Dolls, the ease of which they dispatched some friendly Bikers does indeed indicate they are also Super.

We also learnt more about Gina, the Sentient Sex Doll who has ended up in the possession of Spencer.

You have to feel sorry for Spencer who, in a short period of time, has learnt his Dad was shagging a Sex Doll when he should have been piloting a spacecraft and now it turns out this curious Sex Doll may in fact be evil.

This is being pitched as a movie but were it a TV show then the last episode would have ended with Gina’s evil glowing red eye.

This cliffhanger would have many on social media with very little etiquette rush to spoil the episode for everyone else. Just imagine all the ‘Fans React To Gina’s Evil Eye’ YouTube videos promoted with the hashtag #HornyGlowyRedEye.

Also the merch. Always got to be thinking about the merch. Simply by having Gina’s eye glows red rather than her usual white means there would be a demand for a Glowy Red Eye Gina Pop Vinyl.

However it will quickly be revealed Gina has not turned evil;

“Danger. They are here. You are in Danger” she says

“Who are they?” Spencer asks. We can hear Paul’s voice on the phone asking what is happening and not so subtlety enquire if Spencer is about to have sex with Gina.

Spencer disconnects the call to Paul so he can concentrate on speaking with Gina.

“Who are they? What danger? What is happening?” Spencer asks confused and, because he is speaking to a sex doll, a little horny.

Now we could take this opportunity to basically explain and sum up the entire plot of the movie.

You know, the inventor of the Sex Dolls, in order to secure funding made a deal with a shady organisation to weaponise these Artificial Intelligence Fucking Machines. The first generation of sex dolls being the trial run but a clash in the operating system basically turned them into lusty assassins.

This inevitably caused the Space Sex Doll Program to collapse and the Inventor was disgraced. He is, of course, the menacing character who keeps popping up throughout the movie. He has dedicated years and his remaining resources to locating the missing Sex Dolls, bring them back to earth, utilise their murderous power and take over the world.

But we don’t have to really get in to all that so in answer to Spencer’s question of “What is Happening?” Gina simply looks at him and answers with infuriating vagueness


We do have to deal with the fact that Spencer has found out that Gina kind of killed his Dad in a cruel cold blooded way. The consequence of this was for Spencer to grow up with the shame that his father was just banging a sex doll that caused the deaths of many. The truth was that even though he had totally been boning an android on many occasions that wasn’t the reason the spacecraft crashed into the space station. It was because he was dead.

So we have an opportunity to really deal with some wider issues that will become more relevant in the future society. To what degree can we hold the creation responsible for the wrongs of the creator? If we are to give these tools power are we to be surprised if they are used? Gina was, after all, only following her program. Can we expect a level of morality from what is effectively just a piece of code when many humans themselves fail to care for the lives of their own species? In the search for perfection do we instead pass on our own flaws, making the same mistakes because we fail to recognise our own? Why do we blame toasters for not toasting the bread properly?

It’s deep stuff but also a little wordy to convey in a movie so let’s just deal with all that with expressions. Besides, how can Spencer be mad at Gina for killing his Dad, she has great tits.

But the actor playing Spencer will need to convey these complex issues and contradictory emotions by the way he looks and stares. He needs to show confusion, anger, upset, fear and also being a tad horny. I’d recommend Tucker Carlson doing his monologues as reference.

We cut from this highly emotive staring to see what the other Sex Dolls are up to. They are busy on their motorcycle road trip. And because they are the evil killer sex dolls it’s a murderous road trip.

A hitchhiker, a birdwatcher, a police patrol officer and some guy who randomly stopped on the highway to knock one out behind a bush all succumb to the Sex Doll’s deadly rampage.

Sure, the birdwatcher was a loving father and grandfather who did a lot of charity work and was a pillar of the community. His death was a tragic waste but just look at how great the sex doll’s arse looked and she ripped his head off.

The question many would have is where are they going? Well that’s pretty obvious but in case it isn’t we are back to the menacing man still doing everything menacingly.

We see him staring at a screen, four red dots signifying the murderous troupe of sex dolls as it moves towards a solitary green dot being Gina.

“Ready the transport” says the menacing man who is so obviously the disgraced inventor that we don’t have to explain it with words.

“I do not want to miss this reunion” he says, menacingly.

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  1. solitaryanime

    I love Part Seven!! Also hate the fact that I came into in the middle (like I felt watching Doll House); had to go to part one. . .then forth. I like the series; thanks 😊😊😊


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